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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Ambient




"_Fapot - Locust"

“I have a theory that if there is a G-spot that is physical, there is an ¬F-spot, an area between one's mind and soul that can only be stimulated sonically to make you climax in a calm hysteria.”
Federico Fernandez

Genre: Alternative rock / Electronica
Influences: Massive Attack, Tricky, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead
Album Title: LOCUST by Federico Fernandez
Available in hard copy , iTunes and all digital platforms
Have you ever escaped the reality in which you live to experience the dark side of your mind?
Federico warned me this album was dark, “How dark is your mind, have you ever been there, the dark side - not many explore.” he asked.
Hypnotic sounds are what you can expect from _FSPOT. A sexy and dark journey, mixing electronica and alternative rock that may affect your boundary behavior. Freedom of explicit speech and the creation of sounds, best advised that the listener be somewhat high when listening to LOCUST. It is Carnal, leading you to a mind-body connection - taking your body where your mind has never been before.

About Locust

“A locust is a beautiful creature that multiplied, can cause a lot of damage, you don't see it coming.
These tracks are more about groove than what I could show off musically, it will out the listener in a different frame of mind, it will stimulate their _FSPOT. I love this kind of music, to use it as a journey, this music is me. I wanted to make something different that when played live, instead of people dancing, I want people to close their eyes and feel the music, getting horny, going on a trip. I love to make dark, fuck, high music….” says Fede.

The album has an interesting sound primarily made of strong drums and bass guitar, then layered with further instruments, synth and guitar textures. You will hear the creation of sounds that I can best describe as the ‘art of noise’.

I said to Fede I am battling to describe the music.
“Don’t - its partially indescribable, feel it” he says.
Its mastering involves digital editing and mixing. Propagation of sounds and waves of various frequencies, increasing blood flow to the ears and enable yourself to experience a deeper pleasure of sensation and a repeated series of frequency waves = Audio moregasm, a feel-good explosion!
“Dark sexy fuck music” as Fede best describes it.
Each song describes a situation or feeling, however not all of them are Federico’s own personal experiences. He likes to put himself in other people’s situations, describe their mind set or how they were feeling.

_FSPOT can make you feel love and lust. You will hear explicit sexual context; asking for the blessing Virgin Mary to guard you anywhere, anytime whilst being a broken soul, questioning your mind and looking at the remains of burning Jozi after an apocalyptic aftermath where sorrows are exchanged for laughter.
Federico has just finished his first _FSPOT music video for the single called "words+words+words=noise" available on YouTube and currently busy with the next twisted video of the track “Jozi”, an apocalyptic aftermath.
This album is not for everyone. The South African market is very narrow minded when it comes to freedom and creativity. LOCUST has been well received by England, Japan, Italy, and Europe and I see it being played on the underground music scene and on movie soundtracks. It has already been played at the Red Room nightclub in Honeydew.
Follow your dreams, they are the only evidence you are alive” – Fede

“My debut album "Locust" is getting ready to be released, on that note, I want to express my joy being an independent artist. When you buy an __FSPOT album or any independent artist, you are doing more than playing the tracks from the album, you are supporting an artist that does what he came to this world to do, you are helping him become better so he can offer you a better product, you are not feeding a rich record label that cheats the artist with false promises of success, you are building the artist, as the money that you pay for his or her product, you can be sure that it actually goes to the artist. Thank you for being there. _FSPOT is all about an out of the box experience so the venues are going to be transformed into the _FSPOT world, the dates will be sporadic, but I'm confident that you won't be able to forget an _FSPOT show easily.
Thank you to Zone Radio and Knysna FM for play listing "Run as fast as you can". The track wasn't intended for radio, just wrote it for myself and it's so beautiful to see that what is made blindly with the heart, can sometimes hit some others. Thank you again.”

Who is Federico Fernandez??
Federico Fernandez is a multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-instrumentalist musician, actor, poet and producer. He is originally from Buenos Aires Argentina and arrived in South Africa 13 years ago, making this, his home.

He ca - The Riff Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Federico Fernandez is a multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-instrumentalist musician, actor, poet and producer.

Federico Fernandez has simultaneously founded and embarked in 3 music projects: a rock band called SON OF 1OOO, which has placed various singles on mainstream radio and toured the country; PROYECTO LIBERTAD, a Latin band of the likes of Santana and an Alternative/electronica project called Fspot with which is releasing its debut album called Locust of the likes of Massive Attack and Radiohead and will be available on the 1st of September 2013 on every online store.

He has been in the music industry for more than 20 years, he had played to crowds of more than 10 000 for example the 2010 FIFA South Africa opening concert where he was praised by the whole stadium as one of the best guitar players that day.

Federico knows what entertainment means, he keeps the crowd interested until the last second of the show connecting with them and making them feel as part of the show, where he is completely comfortable.

The FSPOT show is a well put audio visual show that concentrates in stimulating the crowd via ambient and projections making it a show where the crowd would come back for more.

Fspot is an Alternative band that fuses Alt rock, electronica (Kraut Rock) and Trip hop to build a new music avenue.
The debut album Locust was written, composed and recorded by Federico Fernandez at 810 Studio (Federicos recording studio); mixed by Kelvin Holton and Federico Fernandez and mastered by Michael Nicholson.

On live shows, Fspot is comprised by:

Federico Fernandez: Vocals, guitar and piano
Federico Fischerman: Drums

Ciro Garcia Fiorito: Bass

Tommy Rodrigues: Synths

Band Members