Read comments on FTC's myspace. FTC picked for BODOG competition.Their music is described as melodic with a hard edge. Members previously played with top bands. Once quoted "FTC is not old school or new school but their own school of "Originality". sounds like: FTC (Face in the Crowd) Rock-N-Roll!


Late last summer four friends (FACE IN THE CROWD ) or "FTC" as we like to be known decided to come together and form our own band. Some of us in the past formerly played in top bands or had created a band during our musical careers. As we started to form the band, we realized this venture was taking us to a "New Rise" for each one of us.

Just recent we were able to put together a music CD with 7 original songs in a short period of time with 5 more songs being recorded by the end of the summer. Each song on the CD titled "ROGUE SUMMER" represents for each member the hard times in our personal lives and as musicians.

Our music has been described as melodic with a hard edge. Our sound sets us apart from other bands by taking a new approach with the lyrics and composition of each song. Once quoted by a recent venue coordinator "FTC is not old school or new school but their own school of "Originality".

Growing up we have been influenced by the Great Rock Legends such as: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin among many more. When we're ask who do we sound like? Our answer is one band of course "FTC".

We have been recognized by Rock bands we've competed with as a "crowd pleaser, high energy live performance band", with one goal and that is to entertain each "Face in the Crowd". We
strongly believe in our music so this year we've decided to enter The 2008 Independent Music Award.

Our next goal for the band is to find a tour and play major cities, venues with large crowds. But of course "The Goal" is to get signed by a top record label. As blue-collar workers we know how hard it is to achieve these goals when everyday life needs are a struggle. We ask ourselves will "FTC" achieve these goals in the near future? YES! no doubt about it. We were chosen in October 2007 to compete in Bodog Battle of the Bands. FTC is on a "New Rise"!


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Venue Biography:

11/3/07 - Deland Original Music Fest - Deland, Fl
10/21/07 - Bodog Battle of the Bands at 7 pm
Jack Rabbit, Jacksonville, Fl
8/22/07- Finnegan's Daytona Beach, Fl
8/19/07- The Live Scene 95.7 FM with Tatto Todd
8/18/07 - OB's Bar & Grill -Deland, Fl
6/16/07 - Pepsi's Battle of The Bands-Day.Beach,Fl
4/27/07 - Full Moon Saloon - Daytona Beach, Fl
3/23/07 - Spring Break FMS - Daytona Beach, Fl
11/04/06 - Deland Original Music Fest- Deland, Fl

Set List

11 Original Songs/ No Cover songs
3-4 minute songs

CD "Rogue Summer" 2007

1. Rise Again
2. Fever
3. Lost
4. Rogue Summer
*5. Believe
*6. Looking for You
7. One Soul
8. Sticky Bomb
*9. Feed
10. Get Away
11. Back to Something
12. Still in Process

*Some songs carry a message for Social Action.