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Members, Fila Phil & Dr. Chedder aka Qua'wy'la Group started in the projects 10 years ago. Fila & Chedder were solo rap artists persuing careers on the southern hiphop market/reigons... With their 2000 release titled "FIRE PROOF", they've sold records on all seven continents.


Both Fila & Chedder are from the 9th Ward, New Orleans, they were influenced by the typical struggles of hardcore ghetto & gutter life. The difference with FTF from other bands is that FTF is a spectacle... FTF is the group that changes the atmosphere when others have given up hope...


Dead Friend

Written By: FTF

& If the, LOVE is Real, then I got, something to Hold
But I just, can't change it, if GOD took their Soul
& I got, no control, if they'll, live AGAIN
But I can’t live my life through my dead FRIEND

1st verse:
It's hard to remenince his life, while looking at his pictures
You wanna believe, he received, GOD's Scriptures
A man is forgiven released from prison through repentance
either we, live for JESUS, or forever, suffer the sentence
Some people burning right now, the pain is ever lasting
Gotta go through JESUS to get HEAVEN'S satisfaction
& JESUS came to elevate our spirits over death
but With all my sin, I'm surprised, I aint gone Yet
& I hope I live through tomorrow, replaced my blunts with THE WORD of GOD,
receive THE HOLY SPIRIT for all this Sorrow
if you die twice, you done pushed away CHRIST LOVE
Spiritually, you drowned in yo' own blood
I left the graveyard covered in, HIS Amazing grace
I live the GOOD LIFE, so baby come and get a Taste
GOD’S Love is unconditional, my sins forgiven
gotta Keep HEAVEN in my vision, repent for my foul living

2nd verse:
& As I, stared in the casket, I, realized he was gone
I mean, his body was right there, but his spirit went home
To HEAVEN or the lake of fire, & hell is disastrous
Few of us got up when we fell not knowing Hell was after-us
might be, them repercussions when we spit that Blasphemous
& THE WRATH of GOD is so Catastrous
Uh' ---His soul is captured, did the demons take him Hostage
see' GOD judge our heart, and HE search in between the conscience
so are you, ready to fly, you' prepared to hit the sky
& Some say they wanna live, but they prove they wanna die
maybe he rejected JESUS, & The Angels let him go
or did he back-stab GOD, & he couldn’t be trusted no more

3rd verse:
Love never die but the world change, & these feelings evaporate
If my peeps died holding on to CHRIST, then I could celebrate
see we don't love our self cause we don't judge our self
we quick to say rest-in-peace, but we should say something else
the truth hurts cause shaggie burning, he can’t even tolerate-it
Eternity, comes by choice, meaning, that's the way we made-it
Frustrated at the funerals, people faking they smile
Either hell swallowed moma’s baby, or GOD blessed HIS Child


Written By: FTF

Sometimes I want to hide inside, & Find a place to go
All by myself, and let HIS SPIRIT flow

1st verse:
I live Heaven bound, regardless of, what I must endure
Consecrated by The LORD'S FIRE, & I hope my heart is pure
With GOD'S Righteousness, I, over Powered death
Chasing after, holiness, like it, was my last breath
The struggle, the hurt, the pain, that's what I put myself through
& The Angel told me, Chedder, GOD came to Help You
Receive this HEALIN', I know you're human, I know you got feelings
but You're my pride & joy, & you could, never be destroyed
& I send you through these situations, just to make you grow
Repent ya' sin, forgive yourself, Chedder, let it go
It's necessary for the fire to test ya'
Ya' found a FRIEND in JESUS CHRIST, cause GOD promise to BLESS Ya'

2nd verse:
Be conscious of what you Speak, make sure your words are sweet
Cause you might have to eat'em, people you hurt, you might need'em
& I was, kicking up dirt, but I was, loosing my Ground
Intellectual criminal believed that money makes the world go round
Ambitious for them dollars, put my soul up for Sale
Playing by the devils' rules, I was living in Hell
The murder capitol, New Orleans, & I was, raised up there
but It was every man for him self, & I believed' nothing Else
I sold crack to my own Blood, then the favor came back
with' 7 demons in my heart when I was spiritually attacked
But my, destiny is sure, inspite of being raised Poor
& I greeted GOD, when HE opened up HEAVEN'S DOOR

3rd verse:
I love the taste of perfection, divine direction from YOUR HOLY ESSENCE
The evil in my heart departs when I'm in your Presence
By FAITH we receive YOU, can't see YOU, but BELIEVE YOU
huh' & Mary, had to be a virgin to conceive YOU
Through Clean BLOOD, salvation came when YOU conquered Death
It was spoken thousands of years before baby JESUS took HIS first Breath
& THE BIBLE, speaks more about HIS second Arrival
If your god Aint JESUS, it's just another dead idol
Picture The New JERUSALEM has been prepared Us
Now Your mind can't comprehend, so your spirit gotta Trust
Picture the NEW CITY, where the flowers don't blossom they fall from existence
Bring yo imagination deeper than your 5 senses

Dirty Gumbo

Written By: FTF

Say hey pac-i-way, mardi gras mumbo, dirty dirty gumbo

Let's fly to my hood, to my neck of the woods, but hold your BREATH
Cause in New Orleans, ya bound to inhale the smell of DEATH
Strip-clubbing in the quarters, anticipating the MURDERS
Mardi Gras Mumbo, tourist never saw the BURGLAR
& killas get SPLIFFTED, seeing the murder rate get LIFTED
Like itchy finger DISEASE, infected all my ENEMIES
& they say every head busser, he just gotta get his head bust
& his soul crushed, unless the killa repent
Downtown hallucinating with a blunt and a fifth of CROWN
hypocrite to the heart in the dark with the HELLBOUND
& ya know big cheese, kept a 22 in my SHOE
bigboy breaking rules hustlin with the big dudes

Yeah it was Love at the crib, but I couldn't see through all the hell
Moma said she loved me, but I couldn't tell
I saw moms & pops pulling knives pistols & cuss WORDS
Mental anguish and abuse, hard liquor and green HERBS
My bad nerves, so insecure from the fear, I felt ABANDONED
Picture getting your heart molested, is like a blast from a CANNON
Siblings rivalries, is hidden love, that's deeper than the SURFACE
Still breathing, believing, I'm alive for a PURPOSE
& they say a dope-fiend is worthless, and a dopeman is cursed
you can't imagine what it took to get me out of that hurst
I was raised in this dungeon but I'm in the hood dreaming
& I dedicate this song to them boys on the block fiending

I did my dirt in the game but I'm wiser, & I'm OLDER
I done been through too many battles not to be known as a SOULJA
recognize the big dog yall, please never doubt-ME
cause it was the Blood of JESUS, that took the satanic out-ME
I done mastered doing bad, I'm addicted to coming UP
So many battle scars from when poverty had me STUCK
Boy I know the struggle, from sleeping in a car that's too COLD
Swallowed my pride yall, and the homeless shelter was Good-as-GOLD
So it's real passion when I see people prove they Love GOD
And when I see people give their soul to hell, I take it HARD
A closed mind is a reflection of death, premature SUICIDE
Lend me your soul, let me show you how you suppose to RIDE


Our songs from the "FIRE PROOF" album for radio were: Seen It All, FireProof, Projects, Ryda.

Set List

We normally do 30 minute sets...