BandHip Hop

We are Rappers who GOD saved. We did not get saved and then start rapping. God gave us this gift and now we are using it to expand His kingdom, and reach the youth of this nation through the message of the risen Christ through the medium of hip-hop and rap


We met at a young age in OKC (MYk from NEWYORK), (CG from CALIFORNIA), As you can see ,God has brought us together to impact a generation of youth with the uncompromising word of God through hip hop, Christyle. We feel God is using our unique style of ministry to reach outside the church into the hood with relevant words and extremely tight delivery to open their eyes to a God who is able to fix any situation they are in. To also let youth know God is not last year he is right now and his music is relevent and right now also. We pray that our music can bring believers together no matter what denomination or organization, yo we all related anyway.

We currently attend:
Judah Christian Assembly
Pastor Donald Woody
(Edmond OK)

contact us:
(405) 427 4454 Office
(405) 639-0108 Cell


Upcoming release Jan. 06 The first and highly anticipated 8 track EP. You will feel every track and you will be blessed everyday.

Set List

Our sets usually last 20-30 minutes. We can do up to 4 sets. We do not do just songs we mix our songs beats and choruses to produce an atmosphere set on fire. where God can be seen, and experienced in a way many thought could not be experienced in a hip hop concert.