Energy. Something people love to dance to. A modern twist on the roots of rock and roll. A grooving rock/gospel band with a sax and trumpet. We don't mess around... well sometimes we mess around. Sure this claim is over-used, but truly, we sound like no one else. FUN. GREAT SOUND. PEOPLE LOVE US:)


Rock and roll isn’t lost on the hip-hop generation. Love in Stockholm puts a modern twist on the classics, blending blues, soul and funk into tight
grooves and infectious melodies. Audiences grin at tongue-in-cheek sinfulness that keeps heads bobbing. Last year, Love in Stockholm broke
out of Boston University to play multiple shows at both the Paradise Lounge and Harper’s Ferry. Allston’s finest are ready to kick 2008 off with
a smash and their fans are waiting. Love in Stockholm has twice been written up
as a “Quick Picks” in the Boston Globe (29 Dec 2006, 29 January 2008) and a big name story in Boston University’s Daily Free Press. The band draws a crowd and keeps them enthralled.
Love in Stockholm pulls from various musical backgrounds. The common thread: a genuine love for playing live music. Lead singer Charlie Rockwell was humming a tune when he came out of the womb. A true rock and roller leaning towards the mainstream, he was driving a band before he could drive a car. Songwriter, guitarist and musical visionary Brendan McBrien is the son of a minister. His gospel influence was inevitable, but it’s overshadowed by a soulful style and an insistence that the music is fresh and catchy. A jazz-trained saxophonist, a soulful, funky drummer, a metal-head bass player and a lead guitarist stuck in the 70s are the final ingredients in this bitches' brew. The result is a sound so big Love in Stockholm had to pull its name from another continent. The shows are energetic and unforgettable.

Set List

Set runs a little over an hour.

Fellowship of Funk
Use Me - Bill Withers cover
Spoke My Religion
Sweet Cream
Don't Let Me Down - Beatles cover
Don't Stop
The Edge
No Diggity - Blackstreet cover
People Ain't Loving Like They Used To
Encore: Allston