This is FUBAR. It's raw, heavy, chaotic, yet soulful and meditated. FUBAR isn't music made to fit in. FUBAR is expression, it's an extension of the creators moods, feelings, philosophies, perspectives... an extension of their beings.


The band began in 2003 in Scariff, Co. Clare, Ireland. It started off as a cover band, playing all the good songs that other local bands didn't play. Slowly FUBAR began to write new original songs and in 2004 No Control was born. More originals slipped into the sets and less covers. After a couple of years of dispersed gigging around the mid-west, FUBAR returned to the studio, where the FUBAR EP was recorded. A five track project, and a step forward from No Control. The band then began gigging again, still irregularly, and mostly in Galway, though they have played in Dublin.
As for 2007: Well Call It Call It and Warhorses are awaiting a studio mix and some mastering, possibly to be released on the end of new FUBAR prints. The band performed at Mantua and SAI Festivals in Roscommon and Leitrim in the last few weeks and did a couple of rare acoustic gigs a while back, one instore in Red Light Records, Galway and one in the Mountshannon Arts festival.
FUBAR hope to pack up shop and relocate to England some time in early 2008.

Influences from Tool, mastodon,dillinger escape plan, queens of the stone age, alice in chains, a perfect circle, kyuss, the mars volta, muse, pearl jam, primus, refused, slipknot, blur, rage against the machine, machine head, amen, radiohead, dillinger escape plan, system of a down, isis, deftones, mogwai, sikth, meshuggah, biffy clyro, the prodigy but with our own sound thats hard to describe. And heavy.


Call It Call It

Written By: FUBAR

I try to look in front of me,
But I can't help but look back behind,
The wind blows both dusts in face,
Numbing and blinding my eyes,
A part-time itch is plaguing me,
Forcing me to stretch and intertwine,
Dropping the hints to disapear, to go,
And retreat forever, into my mind.

(Call it call it)
Look behind but what is there
Finite time and lost repair
Feel for change moving skin
My time to choose is coming in
Feeling it moving ground
Where was I when the man come round
Push away my consciousness
And i'll suck out my dying breath

Dry lust contained by a toxic love,
The hurting of a damaged boat,
Scorching dust beneath our moving feet,
I must try to stay afloat.

(Call it call it)
Pieces falling down again
Wishing why and wondering
For it all to be me
I can't believe that I think I'm free

Make me drain you dry,
Lifeless and still,
Force me inside,
To pull out the foundation.

I'll do this all,
Against my will,
Unconscious but,
I'm losing my patience.
Drive, I can no longer ride, need sleep now,
Suck blown back and forth, stuck grasping the shore,
Breath deep in the chest until I see the rest,
I'm speechless, I'm dumb, I can't express how or why that's not what I stole.
The face is blank,
Eyes staring to the soul,
As the ship has sunk,
Down into the hole.

Call it, I'm calling it
Call it call it

Step out and avoid the trip,
The fall of an empire made of sand,
It's not not like it belonged to you,
The revolution to start the end,
Soldiers march out to war,
Driven by years of numbing
and the pain that remains forever inside,
Praying for courage in their last stand.


2004 - The No Control EP
No Control

2006 - FUBAR
A Tunnel Vision
Vixen Scream
Beautiful Red Dawn
05 Dooley 01

Set List

A Tunnel Vision
Earth Of Earth
Black Mirrors
Call It Call It
Tracks Left In The Sky

If we decide to do a cover, it would most likely be; Aenima or Lateralus by Tool, The Wolf Is Loose by Mastodon or Glitter and Trauma by Biffy Clyro. You never know what we might do though..