Fucked Corpse

Fucked Corpse


A whole bunch of friends having a party with instruments in their hands, singing and dancing, hitting things and dancing some more.


Fucked Corpse formed in the spring of 2006 as a vehicle for Million Dollar Marxists guitarist Davey Quesnelle to release his nihilistic noise-rock material to the public. This is half of the reason why the band spent their first year billed as 'Ex-Think About Life, Ex-Quebexico'.

The second half of that label came about two hours after Fucked Corpse's inaugural set, opening for Think About Life in the basement of 59 Argyle. After breaking the borrowed PA, the members of the band, of whom 4/5 were fall-down drunk, performed a loud, skronky, impromptu performance of Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder". This act of ridiculous drunken bravado prompted Think About Life frontman Martin Cesar to ask to become a member of Fucked Corpse. The request was granted, culminating in a heartbreakingly touching set opening for Montreal's Crystal Clyffs (currently known as Clyffs).

The band's ranks quickly swelled, as each member began inviting all of their friends to practice "just to hang out," only to hand them a tambourine or a guitar with the simple request of having fun. The most people Fucked Corpse has had onstage was 14 deep for a set opening for Les Georges Leningrad.

Somehow through all of this handing other people their instruments, Fucked Corpse got their act together enough to release a 45, entitled Apple Meat, featuring handscreened artwork by Toronto artist Jesjit Gill. It was recorded in the basement of 59 Argyle, where the band practices and plays shows constantly, hosting many out-of-town bands.

Fucked Corpse have played some cool shows opening up for rad bands like Aids Wolf, Xiu Xiu, Think About Life, Video Hippos, Be Bad, DD/MM/YYYY, The Creeping Nobodys and Team Robespierre, making plenty of friends and having plenty of fun.


Live @ Mavericks CDR - 2006
Apple Meat 7" - 2007
Cat Pants 12" EP - Forthcoming

Set List

Fucked Corpse usually plays short sets, fitting seven or eight songs into a 25 minute period.