The Fucking Ocean

The Fucking Ocean


Fugazi meets The Fall with the whole band rotating like a volleyball team.


Great things can happen in unusual places – even in Redwood City. Thankfully, after forming in late 2003, the Fucking Ocean quickly relocated to San Francisco.

Beginning as a quartet, the Fucking Ocean quickly established themselves as a post-punk force to be reckoned with, despite their name (which the Onion A.V. Club included in their list of “Best-Worst Band Names”). Comparisons to bands like Fugazi, The Fall, Mission of Burma, Electrelane and Gang of Four are common but fail to provide a complete picture. Perhaps The San Francisco Bay Guardian captured it best when they wrote, “The Fucking Ocean generate delightfully angular and beautiful songs to transform their audience into a sea of head-nodding, knee-shaking clones.”

As a self-described musical volleyball team, band members Matt Swagler, John Nguyen and Marcella Gries are constantly rotating on vocals, guitar, bass and drums. Former member Elias Spiliotis also used to get in on the act, but recently left the band to engage in a spiritual battle with science (translation: finish his Ph.D. and get a real job).

The Fucking Ocean have played shows with 31 Knots, The Mall, Boyskout, Battleship, Yikes (ex-Coachwhips), Paradise Island, Fuckwolf, Health, Moggs, We Be the Echo and more. They recently invaded New York and completed a West Coast mini-tour. The band also took part in the 2006 Mission Creek Music Festival.

The band recently finished recording their debut album at Tiny Telephone Studios with Ian and Jay Pellicci, who have previously been behind the boards for bands like Deerhoof, Erase Errata and Gravy Train!!!. The album will be released in October 2006 on Double Negative Records.


Debut album (title TBD) will be released in October 2006.