Fuck Montreal

Fuck Montreal

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Climb a neon ladder to the moon and board a HAUNTED spaceship made of BLOOD.Observe the glow and be lured by the gravitational groove of the SPOOK GRUNGE galaxy.Steer your vessel to the heart of the LO-FI, EXPERIMENTAL,POST GOTH nebula.Finally ingest the ghost crystal.You have found Fuck Montreal.


The creeping presence and eerie sound of prolific experimentalists, Fuck Montreal, can be difficult to pin down. Never a group to cling to a specific genre, the band sees no need in either slowing down or compromising their diverse sound.

This four piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia has made a perverse impact through both their intense live shows and numerous collaborative releases throughout Canada and the United States.

Fuck Montreal's grit and edge is apparent through their approach to all levels of visual and audio presence. With a focus on touring and releasing all they can to promote their catchy spook-grunge, many critics have highlighted them as an up and coming band to experience immediately.


Bucket of Blood

Written By: Fuck Montreal

I'll hang you to bleed you
Skin you to see you
Empty out your insides
and I can hear my echo

Drip, Drip, Drip Drop

Your heart is in my hands
and I'm scraping at your lungs
Cut the fat away
and throw it to my dog

Drip, Drip, Drip Drop

I cut your head off
Your blood is on my hands
Piece you to pack you
and put you away

Drip, Drip, Drip Drop

Winter Mange

Written By: Fuck Montreal

You ruin days and I ruin you
You be this town and I'll be too soon

You bite my lip and I will bleed you out
and you break the ground and I will dig our grave

Winter Mange, Winter Mange
I have got the Winter Mange

You are my winter, I'm always cold
Moths through the air, and my eyes will hold

Fruit underfoot your city surround
your my vision with teeth, the bruise of my flesh

Winter Mange, Winter Mange
I have got the winter Mange

Alarm Clock

Written By: Fuck Montreal

Once there was a boy with his terrible eyes
Shallow and shady and sitting by the bridge
Later in the riverbed he followed me there
and the water's looking dark as his terrible eyes

Eels in the harbour, tied in knots
Fishing in the ditch while the others look on
I came back to him, I told him I would
With a belly full of smoke and a mouth full of raspberries

Walking in the barn, on a windy night
hanging from the tree and I can see the stars
Braiding up your hair, with a piece of string
Laying in the straw with a terrible grin

Knife Fuck

Written By: Fuck Montreal

I would be the devil just to possess you
I'll make you scream and talk in tongues
and fuck you with a knife

Let them tie you to the bed and tie you extra tight
claw my signs into your flesh
and steal your appetite

I'll always be inside of here
I'm never leaving you
You're spewing blood, I know it's love
Now you can be like me

I would be the devil just to possess you
Black your eyes and bleed your ears
and never let you sleep

Shake the bed and make you howl, you're walking up the walls
You'll dream in fire and think in blood
You're heart will beat for me

I'll always be inside of here
I'm never leaving you
You're spewing blood, I know it's love
Now you can be like me

I would be the devil just to possess you
Contort your limbs and split your spine and make you scream my name
Drowning you in holy water, nothing's going to change
and when they finally cast you out then you can be with me


"Lo-Fi" (Full Length Cassette) - Radiator Collective, December 2008

"Retirement Records Compilation" (CD-R) - Contributing Song, "My Flying Dutchman"- Retirement Records, February 2009

"Fuck Montreal and Appleman Explore a Spooky Swamp" (Split Full Length Cassette with Appleman) - Radiator Collective, March 2009

"Radiator Family Compilation Volume 2" (VHS/Cassette various artists) - Contributing Songs, "Bucket of Blood & Alarm Clock"
Radiator Collective, June 2009

"Fuck Montreal U.S. Tour 2009 Sampler" (CD-R), Self released December 2009

"Winter Mange" (Seven Inch Vinyl) - Stumparumper Records, January 2010

"Holiday 4 Way Compilation" (Seven Inch Vinyl) - Contributing song, "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Stumparumper Records, January 2010

"A Tribute to Sloan" (CD/Digital Download) Contributing song "People of the Sky" - Gooseberry Records, March 2010

"Fuck Montreal - D.A.A.D is D-E-A-D / Broken Deer - Ancestral Blonde" (Split Full Length Cassette with Broken Deer) - Scotch Tapes, October 2010

"Fuck Winter a Scotch Summer Mixed Tape" (Cassette Compilation, Various Artists) - Contributing Song, "Knife Fuck" Scotch Tapes, August 2010

"Electric Voice Compilation" (Cassette Compilation, Various Artists) - Contributing Song, "The Black Hills" Electric Voice Records, August 2010

"Picnicface Halifax Sampler" (Digital Download for Contributing Pledges to the Motion Picture Rollertown) - Contributing song, "Alarm Clock (Black Hills Mix)" Picnicface Sept 2010

"Fuck Montreal and Mess Folk Split" (Split Full Length Cassette with Mess Folk) - Scotch Tapes, October 2010

Currently working on completion of a full length LP, due for release in the Fall of 2011.

Set List

Fuck Montreal's set can range 30-60 minutes of original music. The set list can be adjusted based on specific requirements.