Mix sounds like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, Zeppelin, and Hendrix to get Fuda's sound. Include commercial marketability, strong hooks, an independent image, talented musicians, and you get Fudapuda.


Fudapuda (foo - da - poo - da) is a high-energy, four-piece rock band from Gainesville, Florida. The band was formed in May 2003 and has quickly developed a strong following. Fudapuda’s music and image have great commercial marketability and yet at the same time maintain an independent feel. Fudapuda writes catchy rock songs with meaningful lyrics and strong hooks that are unique but appeal to the masses. In their short time, Fudapuda has shared the stage with many successful regional and national acts, most recently, MCA recording artists Fiction Plane.

Fudapuda is a band that stands out from the crowd because of its unique combination of modern and classic sounds. Specifically, Fudapuda sounds modern and vocally intense like the Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Blues Traveler and classic like Hendrix, Zeppelin, and Cream. Fudapuda can do anything from play a high energy, jam-packed set with catchy song after song or jam for extended time periods depending on the night and the crowd. The band’s versatility, energy, and sound come from a combination of talented musicians and songwriters, a desire to be a great rock band, and their love for music.

Singer and guitarist Aaron Levine fronts Fudapuda. Levine has been performing since he was 13 years old. He is an accomplished musician and performer with over 500 shows under his belt. His voice and writing style reflect a wide range of influences ranging from classic blues artists like Albert King and Ray Charles to modern singers like Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl.

Curt Carlson plays guitar for Fudapuda. Carlson has been playing since he was very young. When he was 16, he got a car, formed a band and booked shows all over south Florida. Curt is influenced by all of the famous “guitar classics” but has also extensively studied world music.

Mark Solomon plays the drums for Fudapuda. Mark got his first drum set when he was 11 and he has been playing ever since. Mark is a drummer that has a lot of chops but knows when to use them. He always listens to the song that he is playing and makes sure that he is contributing to the entire sound, rather than just the sound of his drums.

Chris Lavoie plays bass for Fudapuda. With influences like Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius, and Bootsy Collins, it is hard to go wrong. Chris’s solid grooves and exciting flare complete the musical sound of Fudapuda.

Currently, Fudapuda is in the studio putting the finishing touches on their debut album, Self Proclaimed Masters of What. After finishing in the studio, the band plans on touring relentlessly to continue growing their fan base. Fudapuda wins their fans over one fan at a time with electric live shows, catchy music, and endless promotions. It is no wonder why these guys are one of the south’s most promising up and coming bands.


Debut release, "Self Proclaimed Masters of What" January 2004

Set List

For a venues that are "original music friendy" a set consists of 8- 12 high energy original rock songs with one or two covers

For other venues that require a lot of covers we play songs from bands like Zeppelin, Peral Jam, Hendrix, Pink Flyold, and many others....