Fuego Indio

Fuego Indio


Argentinean Roots: Fuego Indio’s music goes through the path of music experimentation. Its native origin is fed with a urban and present sound, generating a new space for a native millennial message where words turn into verse and movement into dance.


Fuego Indio’s music covers a variety of folk rhythms from the northwest region of Argentina, including chacareras, zambas, gatos, carnavalitos, vidalas, bailecitos in Spanish; and popular verses (coplas) in Quechua (millenary Inca language).
Fuego Indio performs an artistic work, deepening and respecting their origins, but also taking theirs inspiration to the search of new expressive elements, new ways of instrumentation and new ways of transmitting the ancient message of our earth.


2008 - Hijo Quichua
2002 – Fiesta de la Fe
2001 – Luna de Carnaval
2000 – Espíritu Viento