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Fuel Pump Terror

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"Brew City Sludge"

Brew City Sludge

by: Lane Klozier

Punk, grunge, garage, ska, and about a hundred different other styles can all be found in the music of Fuel Pump Terror. When it comes to most of thier material, they dont seem to be too interested in vocals, stucture, or being to timid. What they really seem interested in is rocking out as hard as they can. And that, my friend, is exactly what they do. Live, this band exudes an energy that only an unsigned, angry bunch of musicians living on the edge can manage. The best way to describe these guys is a rocket launch. Even if the whole space program bores the heck out of you, its hard to look away!

Check 'em out Nov. 10, at the Latest Edition Saloon, in Jackson, WI...better bring a helmet. - Maximum Ink-Madison, WI-Nov.-Dec. 2008

"Pay at the Pump???"

Pay at the Pump???

by Noah Leadermann

Up, down, side to side, back and forth, round and round.
It’s as if one was riding upon a carnival ride. Or at least that’s what it seems when it comes to the current fuel prices. No one knows what to expect when driving into a gas station. Or should they?………..
The band Fuel Pump Terror might not know how to solve this issue, that of the rain forest, repairing our economy or even the changing climate. But one thing is for sure; they do know how to get these issues and their music out to all who will listen; all while having a good time!

The lyrics that Fuel Pump Terror writes and the songs themselves have a way of getting into the flow of ones bloodstream and never letting go until the song is over.
Lots, of energy, catchy, up tempo songs, and a good idea on how to keep the crowd enjoying the entire show, all cause the audience wanting more.
After playing many of these kinds of shows, and releasing a demo CD, the guys from Fuel Pump Terror are ready to take their musical goals to the next level in the hopes of gaining new fans.

Can you picture an open fire next to a gas pump at a filling station? Yes. Some crazy things are bound to happen! Better locate a fire extinguisher and the emergency shut-off switch!

Fuel Pump Terror plays a benefit show at the West Bend Music Academy, this Saturday, the 17th of May. Doors open at
5:00 p.m. with 6 other bands performing as well. Cost is $5.00.
You can check them out at www.myspace.com/fuelpumpterror
- Sheperd Express-Milwaukee, WI-May 2008


2007 - 2 song demo
2008 - 4 song demo
2009 - (to be release late spring/early summer) - 12 song release of all of our material



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