Fuel the Phoenix

Fuel the Phoenix


Hard melodic rock, with female vocals, and lots of groove elements. Heavy 90's influenced riffs with bits of added electronic samples, packaged up and produced with a modern edge and sound.


Hailing from Ottawa, ON, Fuel the Phoenix is an emerging alternative rock band. They have just released their highly anticipated debut 7 song EP "Tabula Rasa" in Jan 2013.

Driven by powerful songwriting and groovy bass lines, Fuel the Phoenix has found a musical sound that combines the memorably melodic with the deliciously dark. Chalk River-native Alyson Yaraskovitch brings her trademark high-energy stage presence while her vocal style ranges from the soaringly bluesy to the fiercely aggressive

These miscreants have had the honor to share the stage with the likes of Rise Against, USS, Thornley, Mobile, Stabilo, See Spot Run, My Darkest Days in the past under a host of bands and pseudonyms.


"Tabula Rasa" Debut 7 song EP. Jan 2013