Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CAN

Pat Deighan & The Orb Weavers are a 4 piece band from Charlottetown PEI with a sound that blends rock, indie and alt country tunes into some of the best ragged ass, bar-brawl and hangover rock and roll anywhere.


Formed in the spring of 2005. Hailing from Charlottetown, PE, the band is currently sporting its original four-man lineup of Mark Steele (vox & guitar,) Devin Stevenson (vox & guitar,) Peter MacDonald (bass,) and Jonathan Holmes (drums.) After three years of playing their own brand of reggae/funk/rock, Fugato took a six month hiatus. Now they are back, refreshed, reloaded, and focused solely on playing the purest of rock music. Expect a brick wall rythm section complimented by melodic vocals and guitar riffs so chunky you won't know weather to bring a spoon or a fork. Along with the new style comes a new record. Fugato's 3rd album is currently being recorded and is set for release later this summer. This album will follow the PEIMA winning Grass Radio (2005) and The Stash, wich received two PEIMA nominations. Until then, Fugato plans to rock the Maritimes all summer long.


The Stash - 2007
Grass Radio EP- 2005

Set List

Varies. 99.9% original material.