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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada | INDIE

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Buzz Biz quoteþ"

"If I was young again, this is the band I'd want to play in!" - Peter Richards, The Buzz

"talking bands"

Talking Bands
by Charissa Reeves

They played their first show together in April, and eight months later released their new six-song CD. Local band Fugato, pronounced Foo-gaw-toe, launched their first CD entitled Grass Radio at Baba’s Lounge December 17. About 100 people gathered to watch, listen and dance. Band members include, Mark Steele, vocals and guitar, Peter MacDonald, bass guitar, Jonathon Holmes, drums, Devin Stevenson, guitar, and newest addition Mike MacDougall, percussion.

They have a reggae/funk sound with an occasional rock bass line and psychedelic guitar, and Steele’s girlfriend Tamara Gough sometimes guest vocals with her big diva voice.

When playing Steele is always bare foot, Holmes bites his bottom lip and Stevenson’s cheeks get red on his straight face. Holmes and MacDonald have played together before the in bands Port Citizen and Supercar.

Steele says he and Stevenson were fans of Port Citizen and Supercar as teenagers. “They were up and kickin’, and listening to music before we were born,” he jokes.

“These guys are young pups, I’m an old fart,” 29-year-old Holmes said of Steele, 22, and Stevenson, 23. Steele and Stevenson played in the band Tumbleweed, and MacDougall played for the bands Eyes For Telescopes and The Tuesdays.

MacDougall joined the group in August, although he is not on the CD and could not make it to the release due to family commitments. Holmes says MacDougall is an excellent percussionist and brings a new aspect to the band’s sound. “I bought my first set of drums off of Mike.”

The band doesn’t really have any creative differences when writing music, says Holmes. “It all comes from Mark in the get-go and then we mold it.” Steele says the credit is not all his own. “I don’t come up with the drum beats,” he said. “Damn right you don’t,” laughs Holmes.

The band’s name came about by chance. They were discussing names when Steele said something and Holmes asked, “Did you say Fugato?” “And I said, ‘Fugato what the hell,’” said Steele. Other names discussed for the band were Black Lung Boutique, and Hot Buttered Elvis. “I was pushing Hot Buttered Elvis pretty hard,” said Steele.

Fugato has a song on the recently released local artist compilation CD, Well Oiled. Well Oiled and Grass Radio are both available at Back Alley Discs.
- the Buzz January 2006

"the Stash"

Charlottetown's rock-reggae quintet Fugato is set to release their sophomore album, The stash, on the june 8th and 9th weekend. The Stash features 10 original tracks and is Fugato's first full-lenght studio record.this album showcases the original lineup of Mark Steele, Tamara Gough, Jonathan Holmes, Pete MacDonald, and Devin Stevenson, with the addition of Mike MacDougal on percussion. The Stash was recorded in Charlottetown during the summer of 2006 by Trevor Campbell at Blip Flip Studios. Trevor also recorded Fugato's debut album, Grass Radio, which earned them a PEI Music Award at last year's event.
Fugato can next be seen on June 8th at Hunter's Ale house, the official launch date of their new album. - the Buzz june 2007


The Stash - 2007
Grass Radio EP- 2005



Formed in the spring of 2005. Hailing from Charlottetown, PE, the band is currently sporting its original four-man lineup of Mark Steele (vox & guitar,) Devin Stevenson (vox & guitar,) Peter MacDonald (bass,) and Jonathan Holmes (drums.) After three years of playing their own brand of reggae/funk/rock, Fugato took a six month hiatus. Now they are back, refreshed, reloaded, and focused solely on playing the purest of rock music. Expect a brick wall rythm section complimented by melodic vocals and guitar riffs so chunky you won't know weather to bring a spoon or a fork. Along with the new style comes a new record. Fugato's 3rd album is currently being recorded and is set for release later this summer. This album will follow the PEIMA winning Grass Radio (2005) and The Stash, wich received two PEIMA nominations. Until then, Fugato plans to rock the Maritimes all summer long.