The Fuggins Wheat Band
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The Fuggins Wheat Band

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States | INDIE

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Jam


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Whurm - Live In Idaho, Joey Farr - Self Titled



This Bio is from (2008) since then, Joey Farr and Jake Schaffer have resurrected WHURM

WHURM picked up right where Joey Farr and The Fuggins Wheat Band left off, only with a new bassist, and old name.

Joey Farr has been melting peoples faces since the ripe age of 17. After years of playing with many bands (Whurm, Trip 7, Freak Speely, Closet Farmers, and more) After many gigs, upsets and set backs......he finally got fed up or maybe inspired to do his own thing, on his own name.
What began as Joey Farr's solo project back in the Fall of 07' (Joey Farr and Friends). Has now become one of the nations top touring acts. After many changes in the line-up of "friends", Joey finally settled with bassist/friend Mike Chronister, and drummer/friend Jake Schaffer. After several gigs and safety meetings the two (Mike and Jake) decided they were tired of just being called "friends" and needed a cool name like Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Double Trouble". Mike had always joked about having a band called "Fuggins Wheat", and one day while talking to Peter Read of Nightflying and submitting dates it just happened. What began as a stoner joke was quickly becoming a trademark for the trio.
Now you cant go to a Joey Farr and the Fuggins Wheat Band performance without hearing fans shout "Fuggins Wheat!!!!" at the top of their lungs.

Soon after the name took full effect, Mike and Jake decided to create stage names of T.C. Fuggins and E.J. Wheat.

Lets just say "Fuggins Wheat" has caught on, and people love it....some think its fuggins illy, some say its fuggins mart, and others may say its fuggins tupid. One thing for sure, its pretty fuggins lick.

FCC or Authorities have not really caught on yet, and who's to say the word "Fuggins" is "obscene langauge"?
So Far
Publications will print it, the radio will say it, and venues will still put it on the billboard......sometimes just saying "The Fuggins Wheat Band"
Soon after the band officially went from Joey Farr and Friends to Joey Farr and the Fuggins Wheat Band, they started their own indie record label called Fuggins Tanky Records.

After watching one performance from Joey Farr and the Fuggins Wheat Band, you will likely agree with the rest of their fans that they are one of the funnest, energetic, in your face, loud and proud, jam rock bands to have ever existed on the face of the planet!

The guys ooze that legendary mojo with every beat. When people see Joey play guitar for the first time, they laugh....his ultra organic breathing tones and fretboard acrobatics are just that fuggins illy. Many will rush to the stage just to make sure its real and there are no Milli Vanilli tricks going on, finding it hard to believe one guy can make that much sound.

Not to sound cliche', but Joey Farr's music and performances are so wide range that his fanbase knows no boundaries. It is not uncommon to see people from all walks of life at a Joey Farr performance. There is something deep rooted in the way he writes, interprets, and plays music that goes beyond simple labels. You can almost feel the flames burning in his soul with every matter how fast and furious he rips them out.