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"A very good CD"

You're Being Watched" is a very good CD. I would go out and the buy the CD if I didn't have this review copy already. Fugitive Kind gets two thumbs up." - Colby Smith, Metro Spirit

"Right to the Rock point"

"The album's nine tracks rely on the bluesy rock vocals of Lydia Marsala and her presence is fierce and unforgettable. This band can bring the noise like Queen Of The Stone Age with the punkness of the Gossip which offers the listener a tight musical package that is short, sweet and right to the rock point!" - Fire Not Fire Drills

"Strong Female Voice"

Marsala’s voice is perhaps one of the strongest female voices to grace the music scene." - Jessica Kenney, REVOLT Magazine

"Wouldn't miss a show"

"I wouldn’t want to miss a show by Fugitive Kind..." - Chris Gaugan, REAX Magazine

"Scensters take note..."

"Scensters take note - Fugitive Kind might just blow away all the wannabes with something fresh. And Lydia’s voice - all deep and sexy at its best - can’t help but attract all the pretty boys."
-Jennifer Patton, D.O.A. - Jennifer Patton, D.O.A. Magazine

"My God..."

“My God, that girl's voice is amazing.”
-Olga Nunes, Fabulist.org - -Olga Nunes, Fabulist.org

"Fugitive Kind sounds really great..."

“Fugitive Kind sounds really great... the songs have real interest... vocals sound amazing!!!”
-Ed Stasium, Producer (Joan Jett, Living Colour, The Ramones) - Ed Stasium, Producer

"Damn the midwest!"

"This band is amazing. The vocals are simply epic. I really hope they make it big so their music gets out, its not doing me any good in Boston. This EP leaves me BEGGING for more."
-Bobby Barna, Author - Bobby Barna

"Oh where have all of the good old-fashioned "rocker chicks" gone?"

Oh where have all of the good old-fashioned "rocker chicks" gone? Freely admitting the somewhat sexist terminology (and the fact that Ash will probably have my head for that comment), but you know who we're talking about here - Janis, Chrissie, the Deal sisters, yes... even Courtney.

No offense to the wonderful new crop of ladies rocking the stage, but few can truly be said to bring the rawk. So imagine my unadorned glee at unearthing Fugitive Kind and getting an earful of lead singer Lydia Marsala's tuneful howl.

Unabashed love for classic hard-rock riffage: check. A tightly wound rhythm-section a la QOTSA, Foo Fighters and Muse: double check. Don't forget Marsala's rock-blues wail that varies from the Kills' Allison Mosshart to Jack White (Marsala admits to being a potential J.White stalker-in-the making).

The debut album You're Being Watched drops January 13th and the band rolls through DC's The Red and The Black on January 29th. In the meantime, here's the first single to keep those devil horns limber... - Instrumental Analysis

"Five Stars"

Rating: 5 stars!

I have to admit, when I got this cd, my first thought was, ok, yet another emo sounding indie band with a female singer...I was expecting a cross between Gwen Stefani meets Paramore, BUT, what I heard when I popped this cd is was a band that's NOT total pop-drivel what-so-ever! The bands singer, Lydia Marsala has an amazing, deep, rich, strong voice & in all honesty, she could be a soul singer if she truly wanted to go in that direction...Fugitive Kind plays rock music, & what they do is artistically original & cool sounding, but the vocal performances on every song are what make this band unique & truly special! The artwork is interesting...the outside cover has the bands empty practice space, then the inside shows the band jamming in the same space. Overall, this is a great cd...if you think you'd heard all that the new music scene had to offer in terms of rock music, check out Fugitive Kind, they are definitely a band that defines their own genre! - Rock 'n' Roll Experience


You're Being Watched - 2009

Break Now EP - 2008

Give In EP - 2007

Propaganda EP - 2006



Boston’s Fugitive Kind released their debut full-length album, “You’re Being Watched,” on January 13th, 2009. Following three EPs over the past three years, “You’re Being Watched” was recorded in the fall of 2007 with producer Ed Stasium (Ramones, Talking Heads, Mick Jagger, Soul Asylum). The album features nine tracks immediately distinctive for the massive, bluesy vocals of Lydia Marsala, delivered with a strength and presence rarely found in today’s indie rock.

With Fugitive Kind drawing comparisons to everyone from Queens of the Stone Age to The Pretenders, Muse to The Gossip, it comes as little surprise that Marsala draws inspiration from the likes of Jack White. “I have a possibly unreasonable obsession with Jack White,” she says. “He’s just so dynamic, full of energy, loving what he’s doing and it comes across, loud and clear.” One listen to her powerhouse vocals and it is readily apparent that Marsala has channeled this energy and made it unmistakably her own.

Alongside Marsala, Fugitive Kind is composed of James Therrien on guitar, Matt Johnson on drums, and Ben Feltner on bass. Therrien and Marsala accomplish the bulk of the songwriting; a partnership which began years ago when Therrien was in music school. Studying classical music at the time, he had composed a thesis piece that involved two piano-players scraping the piano strings with sticks. It was “asinine!” he says. “I was supposed to showcase it at a big recital. Instead, Lydia and I wrote three songs and performed them, guitar and voice... My teachers haven’t really talked to me since. One of the songs, ‘Three Miles Away,’ is on this album.” ‘Three Miles Away,’ like other stand-out tracks ‘Thomas’ and ‘Break Now,’ demonstrate Therrien’s ability to incorporate his jazz and classical training into Fugitive Kind’s dramatic space rock.

The title “You’re Being Watched” refers, according to Fugitive Kind, to “the nature of celebrity and the national obsession with fame,” but should perhaps be turned back on the band – with this debut full-length, Fugitive Kind have proved that they themselves are a band to be watched for 2009.