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THE FUJAHLIONS Is an up coming group one could say that we derize from the COVENANT RADICALS, a group that was formed in Jamaica by Ras-hardcore, Cohla Cohla and Sylvan Sparks, the Covenant radicals first song was a single call A BETTER WAY and from this rythm track came the album REGGAE ARMAGEDDON, which did well to get the group some recovnition. they then went on to record (Reggae Time After Time) from this single came another album which was produce by Ras-hardcore, the album is call covenant allstar REGGAE SOUL with the slogan reggae soul sirvive the turbulances of time. Jamaica's #1 singer SHALOM was also invited to do the hook's on the reggae time after time track, this song became the groups biggest song to date.The covenant Radicals are still in efect but is seperated and currently not working on any project for the time bein.so for Ras-hardcore is now working with his kids the Fujahlions. right now we are pening songs and practicing the fujahlions is getting their game up as they grow older. Fujahlions was born and raised in West Palm Beach FL. Mom and Dad is Jamaican so our most of influence come from reggae music this is the kind of music that we listen to ever day reggae is most strongest in the world today. Ras-hardcore as open shows for many big artist such as Berris Homond, Capleton, Sizla, Sanchez, Stichy, Sister Carol,and many others, but the time as come for this artist and his group to break through,with this single that he have on the reggae soul album he is bound to cause some disturbance with MAN A LIV PON DI EDGE. the video is already making it's was on some majer radio, tv, and internet cable stations across the country and in Jamaica. CIN TVin new york is giving the video heavy rotation, www.reggaetopten.com in Miami, Hype Tv Kingston JA, and many others around the world is taking on to this big tune from the artist. MAN A LIV PON DI EDGE talks about the facts of life in a way to let its' listener get to know how serious and deatriment a time that we are living in and should not be taken lightly, he spoke about the children and where they stand, and what they mean to our future and of some of the things that are expose to them. in the song he even talk about a man and how he try and tryed to live a good life, basically what he is saying no matter how hard you try to make it in life to keep your self from falling to the dumpster or bein homless broke and pennyles cant do for your family, you try to stop these things by way of uplifting your self to your gouls hopes and dreams and there will always be someone to try and nock you off, by way of talking you out of it.
The song is well put together with the Covenant Radicals doing backup his hook could be a little bit sharper but a great song is just a great song. Ras- hardcore and the Fujahlions will do well they are still in midle school and they are honored role students, donyell is in the band at school and sister Nadine is in chorus, we go to on church sunday's and we get to sing in the church chorus. when other kids hear our song's they love it HERE WE GO NOW our younger brother Jobiz is our #1 fan he spread's the word to every one, he's always listening to it, cousin come's by the house first thing he would do is set up the CD player and start to jam, Jobiz is only 3 years old and he can dance and sing his vibe's are so high that our Mom afto slow him down. these boy's talented and on their way to perfection, their style's and sound the FUJAHLIONS says LOOK OUT WORLD WE ARE COMMING. BLESSEDLOVE.