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Fujansu is high energy, with pumping basslines, phat percussion's with intelligent chordal flourishes, with truthful positive word play. Fujansu have the ability to move the crowd with their positive lyrical content and beats that will knock your socks off. Fujansu hail from Wellington, New Zealand


FUJANSU are a three brother rap group. Being 3rd generation musicians the brothers not always working together musically, grew up on the words "write an original" this meant that for Fujansu "authenticity was the key"

FUJANSU is the fruition of their blood relationship and musicality which has been realized through the medium of Hiphop music.

Firstly Omeka and L.E.V.A began collaborating before the later addition of Mr Jansen who gave them the unique 3 piece male vocal sound and energetic spark.

L.E.V.A’s experience as a guitarist means a live musical sense stays integral as they delve into the art of programming music on computer, producing mutated Phat Polyfunk Jazz, Reggae, Soul, Rock, Hiphop and R&B.

They have a natural ability to interact creatively on and off stage, with a whanau (family) feeling encompassing their music a typical track is full of animated shout outs over lyrics sharing everyday stories about who they are, where they are from, their dreams and goals.

These real life brothers are tight. A bonifide solid “blood is thicker than water” unit, comfortable with their Maori, Samoan & Tokelau ancestry they intend to make much noise, express their indigenous pacific family roots and entertain the masses with a homegrown Hiphop flavour.

FUJANSU identifies directly the brothers ancestry, challenging them to remain true to family values and use their musical talents wisely. The 3 tones, 3 bros, 3
microphone crew.


Single 2005
"Fujansu Family"

Music video release 2006
"Fujansu Family"

EP release 2008
"Where they from"
"Up in here"
"End your reign"
"Fujansu Family remix"

Streaming EP remix's 2010

Set List

3 mics
cd player