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LOST 5'5" x 19 1/4" Redux DVD Soundtrack (fuck the world) 1.5 million copies already sold



Some areas will always have their "local heros". When your talking about "LEGENDARY INSANE LOCAL HEROS" there are non other then the surf skate anthems of FUJIWARA.

Formed through love of the surf, Bucky and Skilit (circa 1994)at the time living in Virginia Beach going to neighboring high schools Cox and 1st Colonial respectivly,they knew each other from the surf and parties;as a friendship formed so did their skills. Each serving as Pro Champions in the Easterns Surf Association and attaining a top 5 ranking throught their pro boarding careeres. Bucky on Boogie and Skilit on Surf. Following the love for the surf brought them to Kill Devil Hills NC. the meca for water and wind sports as well as being the town neighboring the also famouse first flight in Kitty Hawk

Once arriving in KDH, Skilit and Bucky started jamming around for kicks, playing everything from fusion to jazzy stuff.

Then came Billy, who they had met in KDH recently and asked him to play bass. The rest is history. their was a breif time in the begining when Sterling would sing some of the songs, but as time progressed he wandered off to persue other interests. From that point on it has been Billy full on for vocals.

Any Surf/Skate punk fan from the mid atlantic region will use FUJIWARA in the same breath with the class of Black Flag, Bad Brains,Husker Du, and the Ramones.

Their name derived from the weather channels John Hope while explaining the FUJIWARA effect (two identical hurricanes comming together to creat the perfect storm)is a great explanation of what to expect from the FUJIWARA live experience. The beautiful controlled Kaos machine guns through you with non stop action to the point of no return.