FULL: a sextet originally out of Detroit now living in Seattle. FULL's sound is like no other: a charismatic mix of avant pop, electronica, jazz, chamber rock, and groove. FULL garnered rave reviews, awards, and sold out shows in Detroit and haven't missed a beat since relocating to Seattle.


Five years. Three full-length albums--fourth slated for summer 2006. Two EPs. One transcontinental migration. Two west coast tours in 2005. We are an electro-acoustic chamber-pop sextet, by turns ecstatic and understated, raucous and luscious, underground, over the top --- never less than FULL all ways. We snuck out of Detroit and into Seattle just over a year ago. We like eclectic surroundings, playing rock clubs with heavier bands, dance clubs with DJs and hip-hop acts, jazz venues with improv guests, on multifarious bills with comedians, performance artists, video installations, piercing contestants. Remember FULL.

Live Music Lives...


part of religion (EP)-2003
closed (EP)-2002
remember the cat's in vegas-2001

all recordings have received airplay on independent stations

Set List

an arsenal of hours of music from years of live sets and tours. 60 or so originals and about a dozen covers.