Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Fullbloods is a rock and roll band – in the traditional sense – pulling inspiration from all corners and time periods of the genre. The band consists of four trained audio engineers who pay respect to conventional rock and roll and aren’t afraid to beg borrow or steal, consulting a smattering of western and surf music along the way.

Pulling from the prog rock penchant of the 1960s, the band’s debut release, “The Perpetual Machine” is a satirical concept album. Fullbloods started putting together the album in mid-2009, slowly realizing they were forming a band. Since then a baby has been born, a move has been made, gear has been purchased, sessions have been booked, and countless hours have been spent thinking about what they’re trying to accomplish. And at the end of this particular journey, they decided they were trying to accomplish one thing: Making good music.


The Perpetual Machine