Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage


Full Body Massage performs artful heavy funk that leaves a lasting impression on all of those who witness their extreme visual and auditory spectacle. Audiences have been known to dance, head bang and sing along with the songs.


Full Body Massage started off as a complete accident. James and Josh were attempting to form a group to cover funk songs from the Quentin Tarantino film Jackie Brown. Badly in need of finding a bassist, James asked John, who was more interested in metal and electronica, to try out. During the first rehearsal, the three could see that there was no musical chemistry in what they were trying to do, and out of frustration, John started doing a rocky slap bass line. James, out of frustration, started to do a heavy dissonant guitar line over what John was doing, and Josh, out of frustration, did a bluesy whammy bar line over that. That song is now She's Always On My Mind, and the three haven't looked back since.
Everyone could tell that the music had great potential from the get go, but how it should be presented was a source of much frustration for a while. Everything was tried from being an ambient noise outfit to performing demented versions of children's songs. It's ironic that after trying out so many bizarre things, the group came to settle on something more mainstream: rock and funk.
It's always interesting hearing people try to describe the experience of a Full Body Massage show. People have compared the band to pop superstars like Coldplay and Depeche Mode, dark metal acts like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, and underground legends like The Clash and Primus. But somehow, audiences are always saying that we find a way to tie it all neatly together.
The band is dedicated to art that leaves a lasting impression. Not content to just be another Clear Channel band like a million others that will be forgotten in ten years, Full Body Massage works hard to integrate audio and video, punk rock spectacle and pop perfection into their shows. As long as it's artful, beautiful and intelligent, the band is into it.

Previous Venues:

The Paradise Rock Club
The Middle East (upstairs and downstairs)
The Hard Rock Cafe
The Bulfinch Yacht Club
The Zeitgeist
The Reel Bar


Full versions of songs available on our MySpace.

Debut album coming late January '07.

Set List

She's Always On My Mind
Honestly Honesty
Under The Water
Saucy Sexy Love
Out Of Time
No Closure
Alice Is Upstairs