BandHip Hop

hip hop/ rap fun music and a little bit of gangster twist...


Rapper Glympse a.k.a. (Castro Navucci) lived in a posh neighborhood of Appleton, WI. He was born on the west side streets of Chicago, IL. In the early 2000's he immersed himself in the hip hop scene. Eventually, Glympse and brother formed a group called Full Breach, where they wouldlook forward to opening up for superstar artist like Luda, DTP, Chingy, Obie trice, DMX, etc.. with their first album in stores, independent, all over the internet, by sound of the buzz and the second album going crazy. Glympse is also working on his first mixtape intittled "Show you How". The first leaked song "double dutch", seems like a mad sceintist has tweaked his formula on these joints. Glympse has shown his growth from the first two mixtapes droped by Full Breach as well as on the album. Glympse says "My music is more about me than ever before, because thats what i'm selling a product which happens to be ME more updated." blizz2009


First album is tittle Full Breach. and second album called show U How. with the single "sexy" and "Double Dutch" spinnig on the radio station 95.9 wisconsin. and juke music spinning on the radio station power 92.9 and 107.5 wugci in chicago.

Set List

1 to 2 hour sets 6 to 12 songs