Full Caliber

Full Caliber


High energy/good time Rock-N-Roll. It's all about having fun and ripping it up through the Rock. We stick to what we know and do best.


"It's all about the Rock n' Roll" as far as Full Caliber is concerned. Influenced by the likes of AC/DC, Sammy Hagar, Def Leppard & Billy Squier (to name a few) - when Full Caliber cranks it up it's easy to hear that Rock is still very much alive. "Our number one goal is to get your feet stomping, fingers snapping... and ultimately to see people with their fists raised in the air."

Full Caliber's two guitar attack falls upon the shoulders of Jake Cravotta & Marc Edwards, so there is never a shortage of hook laden riffs and flavorful solos. While Jake leans more towards the bluesy side of his Gibson SG, Marc takes the "in your face" approach as he tears into his guitar and refuses to let up. The audience gets a double dose as they constantly trade solos, often times during the same song. Donny Samuels lays down the rhythm with his hard rock beats, while Kevin Waggoner drives the bass line. All the while Jake is lending his voice to the music, full of catchy melodies, emotion & power, his vocals add even more depth to the Rock n' Roll.


Full Caliber - CD
(Off the CD the following songs have received airplay)
-The Girl
-Good Booze & Bad Girls
-Midnight Run
-Rhythm To Rock

Set List

We are primarily original. Have only played a cover song on stage twice. A full set of ours can last up to an hour & a half.

Set list typically includes the following songs:

Midnight Run
Good Booze & Bad Girls
The Girl
Gloves R Off
All I Can Do
Rhythm To Rock
Dark Side Of Day
Natural Selection
Wrong Or Right
A Shot I Might Lose
On With The Show
Line'em All Up
Love On The Line
Inside My Soul
The Music
Keep It Rockin'
The Deal