We are a classic rock band with the added variety of country and some ballads. We can cover any event because of our 100+ song playlist. We can entertain from ages 20-90.


We started out as a pure classic rock n roll band. 4 of the 5 of us lived the music we play, so it comes easy to us and is fun to play. After a couple of years in existence, we began adding some variety in our playlist so that we could play more gigs. This meant adding country and ballads. we now have a playlist of 100 songs and can cover every musical taste except disco and rap. We have the ability to entertain audiences with a wide variety of musical tastes and ages. Plus we have tons of fun, It is not just "going through the motions". In fact, the more energy we get from the audience, the more we give back.


We are currently in the studio and hopefully will have some tracks up soon.

Set List

Our complete playlist is found at MySpace. Just search for FULL CIRCLE from Norman, Oklahoma. We play classic rock from the 50's through the 80's with a few 90's thrown in as well. We are always upgrading our playlist to keep pace with the market.