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"We are in Broadjam Canada's top 10!"

Our song "Standing At My Father's Door" has just made the top 10 list for Canada on Broadjam.

Our album "Food to the Hungry" will be shipped this Friday and available for purchase very soon.

We are looking for distribution partners and promotional opportunities - please contact us at fullcirclerecords@shaw.ca for more details.

Dan Bertrand - Dan Bertrand

"Overplay Interview - Gene Strandquist"

Who is !GENE_STRANDQUIST! and how would you describe your music?
I am a songwriter, bass player, vocalist in Calgary, Canada. I scored a twenty-minute alphorn concerto for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra in 1997. They toured 10 cities in Europe with this concerto for about two weeks.

I would describe my music as a mixture of personal experiences, and good-old fantasy story writing.

Some songs were written for my children when they were going through rough times. Fatherly advice about life's harsh moments can be forgotten, but putting it into a song will make it last forever.

When were you formed and were you in other bands before?
I started writing material for this project in August, 2006. I have been in a band with the infamous Kelly Jay, (Crowbar - "Oh, what a feeling.... what a rush"), Amos Garret, and several other talented musicians, too many too name.

What would you say would be!GENE_STRANDQUIST!'s biggest achievement so far?
I am really proud of the alphorn concerto that I wrote for the CPO. I am also very happy that "Rangeland Rider" turned out so well, it was a happy accident.

What are your aims for the future?
I want to finish up my current CD and would love to open for some big name acts.

Your favourite music album/influences?
Neil Young, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, Joni Mitchell, Elton John....

Last album you bought?
The Turrets (my son's punk rock band)

Favourite all-time film and book and why?
Book - my brother Robert wrote "The Dream Life Of Bridges" (Anvil Press).

Movie - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage?
Not to my recollection. Maybe I just don't want to remember it.

Will we see you gigging in the future or new recordings?
Yes, my first album is being recorded after the tremendous success of my single "Rangeland Rider".

If you could cover any song what would it be and why?
Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones, it's my favorite.

What is your song writing technique?
I write the title, then the lyrics and melody evolve at the same time. I usually have rough draft within a four hour stretch, and then anywhere up to a month to complete it.

Favourite chord?
Bm7b5 (B minor 7 flat 5).

What treats and goodies would you like backstage before a gig?
Beer and all-dressed pizza, with feta cheese and no anchovies, delivered by the Budweiser girls.

Are there any bands/artists on overplay that have impressed you?
Yes, I quite like Untold(Imprisonment), and Feathers(The Forest).

Have you a piece of advice/tip you could give to an unsigned band?
Don't give up. Keep the faith in your music. Get it in front of as many people as possible.

Ok here's a chance to plug your CD or songs you have on sale on overplay:
Please have a listen to "Rangeland Rider", my CD will be out soon! We're just putting the final touches on it.

What question would you have liked to be asked? What is the answer to the question?

Would you go out on tour with Joni Mitchell?

Yes. I would either like to open for her act, or be her bass player.
by overplay - overplay.com

"Gene Strandquist’s Rangeland Rider"

Brenda Christians, writer for Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine, writes:
“I ran across Gene Strandquist’s Rangeland Rider and I think it’s fantastic. I’ll be mentioning it, with a couple of lines from the song, in my June column. Please tell Gene about this and that I think it’s a fantastic song. I’ll be watching for his album.” - Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine


Gene Strandquist - Food to the Hungry released on Full Circle Records, Calgary - FCR Music Publishing.



The record company was formed in Feb, 2008. We are all seasoned players and have been performing for YEARS.