Full Day Affair

Full Day Affair


Full Day Affair is the smart-pop quintet hailing from College Town, USA. The group combines rich vocals, intricate harmonies and rhythms, and acoustic guitars, which create lush, complex sonic textures. Best described as an eclectic blend of Maroon 5, Guster, and John Mayer.


Based in St. Louis, Full Day Affair (Shock City Records) cut their teeth on the college festival circuit before hitting and packing area clubs. They began playing in bars for extra money to pushing clubs' fire code capacities by drawing well over 1,000 fans to their bigger-venue shows.

FDA receives regular rotation on a plethora of college, independent, and commercial airwaves and even charted at #18 at the late 101.1 The River in St. Louis. The group was recently added to over 150 radio stations across the country and continue to climb the College Music Journal (CMJ) charts. FDA also reigns on the emerging independent online radio station, ichannelmusic.com. They were rated as the top band by both the fans and the station. The band already has two national tours under their belt and plan to set out again in the Spring of '07 to support their dubut album "Approved." The resume for this up and coming band also boasts a publishing deal with MTV, a distribution deal with The Orchard, and opening slots for national acts, their latest being with Sister Hazel. The lineup has also shifted since '06 and FDA is proud to add Joe Taylor (Keys, hand percussion) to the crew for the upcoming tour, filling in for Jake Coon, who is currently booking as a DJ in Florida.

Full Day Affair makes creating music -- catchy, timeless music -- look easy. Their choruses resonate inside the walls of your head long after you hear them. Their music is the stuff aficionados and casual fans alike will keep rotating for years.


Little Things

Written By: Full Day Affair

Words unspoken leave promises unfilled
Looking back reveals all the things that could’ve been,
should’ve been, and I could’ve done
But now they’re gone for good
Now I’m learning how to live
without knowing where to go

The Clocks have all been ticking
And time will go on with them
The little things that pass me by
If only I had seen them fly away, away
The little things we talk about
were here and gone and I miss them all today

Now I see what I should’ve seen back then
I’m tearing down all these broken walls inside
Believing I could fly
That strength I thought I never had
Oh that priceless piece of mind

Fly, fly away, fly, fly away

My World

Written By: Full Day Affair

Up all night
Now the sunlight
Is casting shadows on my bed
Spent all night screaming
Just to spend all day dreaming
Of a life I’d rather live
Than the nightmares that I give to me

If I could let you
If only I could let you in my world
you’d see the colors I can’t bear to show

Education, Medication, Standing ovation,
at my shows
Don’t know if I’m awake
The drugs they help to take away the pain inside
The feelings that I hide away

So say what you will
Cause you will never feel
The pain when I go outside
Where everything is wrong
And everything is inside and outside and upside down

I’d rather spend all day dreaming
All day dreaming

Fortune For Two

Written By: Full Day Affair

Innocence and curiosity
I had the picture to a T
You were there waiting just for me
Taking a chance on a smile
I saw once at night
I would go on to tell you
That it’s better in the light

That day at the restaurant, my first day with you
I never knew when the cookie broke we would get a fortune for two

Well I wish that you could see the way I see you
But the words get in my way
And it’s just too much to say
Who would I call when the pain came?
And who should I call to save me from the rain?
I never called your number cause I never knew your name

That day at the restaurant, my first day with you
I never knew when the cookie broke we would get a fortune for two
I tried to catch my breath but the words I read kept ringing in my head
Me and you and our fortune for two

You were there just for me
Across the table I could see
I would love you from this day on
In this time in this place we could never waste a feeling so strong
A feeling so strong

We would get a fortune for two
Oh that day, oh that day, oh that day


Full Day Affair's dubut Album "Approved" was released nation-wide on April 18th on Shock City Records. FDA independently has already sold over 1,000 copies of their freshman recording. Their tracks are currently in rotation on over 150 radio stations in the United States and Canada. The single "Fortune For Two" continues to climb the College Music Journal charts and is the most requested song on online radio station www.ichannelmusic.com. The song also charted at #18 on St. Louis commercial station 101.1 The River. The entire album has been licensed by MTV and is also being distributed though The Orchard.

Set List

FDA typically preforms one hour long set including the original catalogue and one or two cover songs.

Our catalogue includes...

1. Little Things
2. My World
3. Hindsight
4. Real
5. Tomorrow
6. Bar Girl
7. The Wondering
8. Hopeless Dreams
9. Fortune For Two
10. Beautiful Grey
11. Take Me For Granted
12. Sleepy Eyes

FDA is able to perform over three hours of cover material as needed. Please contact FDA directly for a list of cover songs or requests.