Fuller is a Winnipeg band, not easily dismissed or forgotten. The grungy guitars riffs and unmistakable vocals are refreshingly original, escaping the standards of the usual rock clichés.


Formed in 1998, Fuller quickly became familiar name on the Winnipeg bar scene, leading to the recording of a three song demo in the summer of 1999.

"The style is sort of a hybrid of grunge and funk" (The Manitoban)

The summer of 1999 also brought new accomplishments for the emerging band, when they were asked to perform several times for the Winnipeg-hosted Pan Am Games including gigs at the Forks and at the several Athletes Village locations, introducing them to a wider audience of spectators and international athletes. “If there is one thing that is true, it is the feeling that we get on stage when we play for a full house. It is better than any emotion to have so many people rockin' to your music”-(Munish)

"This band is one of the hardest working bands in the city" (Uptown magizine)

Confident in their music and future together, the members of Fuller are taking their career one step at a time. The next stage for the band was the release of their debut self-titled album, which they recorded at Studio 11 with Rob Shallcross, and Juno-award winning producer Brandon Friesen. The disc was released on Saturday, November 24th, 2001, @ Wise Guys on campus and promises to launch Fuller’s career to the next level.

"Fuller delivers a disc full of straightforward guitar-based rock" (Jonathon Ball - The Manitoban)

Each member of Fuller has an important role in song writing that shines when they perform. “Song-writing for us, is one of the easiest things to do, it just seems to work itself out. It gives us the chance to collaborate with our friends on something that takes more than just your own input to accomplish”- (Jordan)

“Melodic, and Energetic” (92 Citi FM)

Fuller’s initiative, desire and willingness to get into the fray are qualities highly desired in the music industry. Fuller brings it in spades. They have the drive and determination to be successful in an industry that is continuing to blossom more and more here in Canada. It is Fuller’s devotion and love of music that truly sets them apart from the rest.


Self titled full length ep :: released November 2001

3 song demo :: released May 2003

Air play on both ::92 citi fm:: and ::power 97 fm::

Set List

1:: Trip
2:: Burnt
3:: Devolve
4:: Kept alive
5:: Second chance
6:: Hit the ground
7:: The failing light
8:: The evidence
9:: unhinge
10:: Medium