Full Fathom

Full Fathom


Formed in 1999 we are experienced & professional live band with loads of influences and the talent to contend in today's music seen. We love music and we love to entertain . We hope to play for you soon . FULL FATHOM


Our music is a mixture of rock,alt rock, classic rock, funk, jazz & blues mainly but we have been known to branch off in to other directions . As individuals we all have 10 years plus playing our perspective instruments & have been a band now since 1999 , we also all play with other musicians outside of our own band for fun or money . This keeps things fresh with both our originals & covers, we are never board, we love music and it shows in our live performances . What sets us apart from other bands is that we can mix multiple styles of music in one song or a show & make it work, as well our singer has a rely distinct voice ... david bowie verses mike patton . over the years their has been a couple of roster changes but thankfully Full Fathom has remained a musical democracy capable of churning out hit after hit .


we have released a 3 song demo in 2008 titled Bugs in the head & are currently working on a full length albom.
we have a track on the Rock 95 Barrie On. Local & Loud compilation
we have hade some radio play & a interview on the Humber College radio station Toronto on.
we also have tracks streaming on myspace.com/fullfathomcanada

Set List

1. Girls with no underpants
2. Web of Confusion
3. Me myself & I
4. Ladybug
5. Stay calm
6. Low life
7. Bugs in the head
8. Smaltz
9. Take dead aim
10. Pussy foot
11. Never wrong
12. Oooo la-la-la
13. Love bone
14. Coming home
15. Inner city
16. Do you wanna know
17. Man over board under board
18. Belong
19. CatchinÂ’ the commit
20. Out of place stars
21. Underground city junk raid

Full Fathom covers
1. Make it wit chu \ Queens of the stone age
2. God hates a coward \ Tomahawk
3. Suck my kiss \ red hot chilli peppers
4. Aeroplane \ red hot chilli peppers
5. Symbolist white walls \ Matthew good
6. Rusty cage \ Johnny Cash
7. Folsom prison blues \Johnny Cash
8. Blow at high dough \ Tragically Hip
9. Little bones \ Tragically Hip
10. Marching bands of Manhatten \ Death Cab for Cutie
11. Crooked Teeth \ Death Cab for Cutie
12. Ohio \ Neal Young
13. Going the Distance \ Cake
14. I will survive \ Cake
15. Home by Satur