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"Guitar Wars"

I was hyped-out on coffee and excited about Guitar Wars. The previous week there were several teen bands that rocked the stage, including: ‘The Skyes’ and the death-metal hardcore band ‘Shotgun Cure’, so I had skyrocketing hopes. And this time around, the mood was different. Less drooling tween fans and more hardcore rock ‘n’ roll.

I noticed this tone-change instantly, once two long haired men in studded ‘Black Label Society’ leather jackets (whom I later discovered, were the ‘Full Give’), passed me by – as I was munching down my pre-show Caesar’s salad. Listening to McLuhan discussions and hockey commentaries.

‘Full Give’ was the last band, and quite top-notch. Apparently, they have worked with Euphonic Sound before. But not only that – these hardcore rockers have years on their belts, and have even toured Europe – which explains why Bulldog Bess Ross (guitar), Tenbears (bass/keyboards/vocals), Steve (Shredder) Horwood (lead vocals) and Daryl Chomniak, want to give it another go.

Guitar Wars (April 26, 2010) - Full Give

And they did pretty damn good job with their unified-feel, hardcore AC/DC-like drumming, Black Sabbath influence, Horwood swinging the mic in a Robert Plant fashion, and goatee-bearded Bess Ross playing his wireless flying-v guitar right in our face (when he jumped off-stage and joined the spectators).

So, overall I can say confidently, that it was a great Guitar Wars turn-out…one that’s more hardcore than usual. The only thing that disappointed me afterwards, is that many of the artists (except for ‘Full Give’) didn’t have a web presence - It’s as if they didn’t exist, so their future performances are hard to track down. But, I hope that changes soon… I wouldn’t mind seeing what these rock ‘n’ rollers are up to!

Article by: Iddie Fourka - Iddie fourka


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