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"Guitar Wars (April 26, 2010) - Full Give"

I was hyped-out on coffee and excited about Guitar Wars. The previous week there were several teen bands that rocked the stage, including: ‘The Skyes’ and the death-metal hardcore band ‘Shotgun Cure’, so I had skyrocketing hopes. And this time around, the mood was different. Less drooling tween fans and more hardcore rock ‘n’ roll.

I noticed this tone-change instantly, once two long haired men in studded ‘Black Label Society’ leather jackets (whom I later discovered, were the ‘Full Give’), passed me by – as I was munching down my pre-show Caesar’s salad. Listening to McLuhan discussions and hockey commentaries.

‘Full Give’ was the last band, and quite top-notch. Apparently, they have worked with Euphonic Sound before. But not only that – these hardcore rockers have years on their belts, and have even toured Europe – which explains why Bulldog Bess Ross (guitar), Tenbears (bass/keyboards/vocals), Steve (Shredder) Horwood (lead vocals) and Daryl Chomniak, want to give it another go.

And they did pretty damn good job with their unified-feel, hardcore AC/DC-like drumming, Black Sabbath influence, Horwood swinging the mic in a Robert Plant fashion, and goatee-bearded Bess Ross playing his wireless flying-v guitar right in our face (when he jumped off-stage and joined the spectators).

So, overall I can say confidently, that it was a great Guitar Wars turn-out…one that’s more hardcore than usual. The only thing that disappointed me afterwards, is that many of the artists (except for ‘Full Give’) didn’t have a web presence - It’s as if they didn’t exist, so their future performances are hard to track down. But, I hope that changes soon… I wouldn’t mind seeing what these rock ‘n’ rollers are up to!
- Article by: Iddie Fourka


Cd -- Full give --Keep it Brutal

The tank
Hard Face
House of Shame
Your Credential
Face in the Mirror
Scatter bug
Lie in it

Go to www.fullgive.com to listen to the press kit audio



10 Bears
INSTRUMENT- bass, vocals, 12-string accoustic
GEAR - Galen Kruger 800RB, Ampeg SVTPRO-6, Warwick Darklord Vampyre, Fender Jazz
INFLUENCES - metal, jazz, chunk funk, celtic

Tenbears' solid playing, in conjunction with Jeff's heavy hitting on the skins, makes for a driving, rock-hard rythym section that thunders like a freight train.

Played in many bands from jazz to metal to traditional celtic

Sinister Stevie
PREVIOUS BANDS - Shadow Box, Heatscore, Wikka, Washington Wives, Convicted, Brawl, Travelin War.

Sinister Stevie started singing at 15 years of age and at 16, played at his first Battle of the Bands at Earl Haig High School coming first place in a band called Shadow Box.
A year later he hooked up with Heatscore and played the usual circuit - Gasworks, Heavens etc. and then closed up the landmark, Larry's Hideaway.

Later on, he played in a band called Wikka which was his first all-original band, writing over 40 singles followed by an E. P. release. This band played along side such noteables as Kim Mitchell, Sye and Reckless and closed at a Q107 party.

The following year he played in a half cover, half original band called Wasting Wives and released a 5 song demo.

A few years later he played in a hard and heavy, all original metal band called Convicted.

A few years after that he hooked up with Bess Ross in an all original metal band called Brawl. He spent a few years after that partying, then hooked up with Bess Ross again in a band called Travelin War and released a 10 song CD. Spent a few more years partying and hooked up, yet again, with Bess in his current band, Full Give.

His unique style of singing and great stage presence adds to the total Full Give experience!

Bulldog Bess
GEAR - fender stratocasters (1979 antiquity, jimi hendrix reissu, 1984 fender elite, highway 1, 1982 tokai goldstar copy), flying vs, marshal jcm 800 4 input heads, marshall jcm 800 master volume heads, marshall super bass 100 watt heads, marshall mode four cabinets, boss analogue pedal, boss dd3, boss chorus ensemble, boss accoustic simulator, dunlop original crybaby, dunlop 88 nylon pics, emg pickups, rocktron pro gap, boss delay reverb, boss flanger, boss pedal tuner, samson airline wireless, digitech wammy pedal, ernie hall power slinky 11-48
INFLUENCES - jimi hendrix, zach wilde, michael schenker, randy rhodes, jake lee, robin trower, paul gilbert, yngvie malmstein, ted nugent...

A left-handed player, Bulldog Bess Ross, pro guitarist of FULL GIVE, was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Bess started playing guitar at the age of 12. He received his first "real" guitar for his bar mitzvah - a 1972 fender telecaster. Bess' first influence came from seeing Jimi Hendrix on the Ed Sullivan show. Bess quickly became a fan of fender stratocasters, currently owning five. Bess joined his first band in high school named "Crud" and took guitar lessons from jazz guitarist Lorne Lofsky and notable violinist and music writer Ben Mink.

Bess met Tony Iommi wihle Iommi was recording "Never Say Die" in Toronto. The two became friends, Iommi even joining young Bess at his parents' home for dinner and used some of Bess' guitars in recording the album. Bess and Iommi connected with their love of guitars and Iommi invited Bess to Europe as his personal guitar tech for the European leg of the "Never Say Die" tour. This is where Bess learned first hand how a guitar hero operates on stage every night!

Upon his return from Europe, Bess collaborated with the Canadian band Anvil writing tunes for the "Metal on Metal" album.

He moved forward creating other original projects including Brawl and Travelin War (co-produced with friend, Simon Zanderzand). In early 2004, Bess and Zanderzand met singer Maxel Black and bassist Dave T. Green. The bond of their musical talents took hold quickly as they formed the band Penetrator and plummeted through writing and recording a 9 song phenomena that had neighbours knocking on the door to get in to hear the commotion first hand. Penetrator's demo was released in June of 2004, sparking rave reviews throiughout the world. Penetrator had inked a worldwide distribution deal with Greece's Sonic Age Records. The impending release came out in May 2005. Penetrator then commenced a 6 week us tour in March 2005 and they then embarked on a European tour in July 2005. The band employed Metal Queen Management as their management team.

Jammin Jeff
EXPERIENCE - Jeff Colombo first became interesed in playing electric guitar at age twelve. He was heavily involved in school band during his formative years. It was not until age fourteen that Jeff found his true musical passion in the drums. Jeff formed his first band, the innovative hardcore sensation, Mind Print. He later moved on to