Full Minute of Mercury

Full Minute of Mercury


CURRENTLY WORKING ON NEW FULL LENGTH!!! Full Minute of Mercury is like no other band in the Washington DC area, or any other area for that matter. FMHg mixes female-fronted vocals with 80's hair metal guitar and soaring synth lines to form a non-genre specific style of ultra-catchy pop music.



Formed in early 2003, Full Minute of Mercury has proven that it is like no other band in the DC area. Combining a do-it-yourself punk rock mentality, pop sensibility, and a stage show chock full of acrobatics and guitar tricks, FMHg bridges many genre gaps, playing bills with everyone from college rock/indie/pop punk bands to hardcore and metal acts. Full Minute of Mercury has not only breathed new life into the DC music scene, but has also helped unify it by bringing bands of many different genres together - ultimately becoming to many what Jim Testa, founder/editor of Jersey Beat magazine calls, his "favorite band on the planet."


Full Minute of Mercury's sound draws from many influences in the punk, new wave, metal, emo, hardcore, pop, and alternative genres, but by no means is a cross genre band - Full Minute has created a sound unlike any other. The Washington Post writes, "While it's pretty easy to give most bands a clear-cut label -- synth-pop, heavy metal, pop-punk -- FMHg can, and does, run through all of those genres within a single song. Sometimes it works really well, giving them a sound that no band in the country -- let alone D.C. -- can claim. And other times it sounds like -- how to put this? -- the music playing during a montage in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," On Tap Magazine sums it up best: "One of the most original and accessible sounds out there today." While it is near impossible to delineate an exact point of reference for FMHg's sound, fans of the band have described them as everything from "Cleo & Cambria" (Letters to Cleo meets Coheed & Cambria) to "if Kelly Clarkson's song-writing team listened to more Iron Maiden in their formative years" to "The Darkness meets Damone meets Reggie and the Full Effect."


In the past three and a half years, Full Minute of Mercury has booked and played hundreds of gigs up and down the east coast (VA, MD, DC, DE, NY, NJ, PA, CT, NC, and SC), without so much as a manager or booking agent, both headlining their own shows and opening for such diverse national acts as top 40 80s hair bands Dokken, LA Guns, and Firehouse; Multi-Platinum 70s/80s rocker Eddie Money; Legendary ska band The Pietasters (Hellcat/Moon/Fueled By Ramen Records); Female fronted rockers The Start (Nitro/Geffen Records); Damone (Island/Def Jam Records); Juliette and the Licks (featuring Hollywood Actress Juliette Lewis and ex-Hole, ex-H20 - Fiddler Records); Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer (Reignition Records); Sting's son's alternative rock band Fiction Plane (MCA Records); Bottom Line (Maverick Records); 90s alternagirl icons Veruca Salt, 80s new wave rockers The Smithereens; hip hop phenomenons Gym Class Heroes (Fueled By Ramen Records); The Naked Beggars (featuring Jeff Labar and Eric Brittingham from Cinderella); Fosterchild (Kevin Miller from Fuel's new project); female-fronted emo rockers Paramore (Fueled By Ramen Records); The Dollyrots (Lookout/Blackheart Records); and seminal 70s rockers Starz (who Kiss and Bon Jovi both list as influences). In addition, the band also played a Congressional fundraiser for Jim Moran (D-Virginia) and the Mobilize America's Youth rally on Capitol Hill. In DC, FMHg is considered by many in the press to have the best live show in town, combining the highfalutin nature of the 80s hair metal live show (complete with guitar throws, stick tricks, playing behind the back, with their teeth, and enough tongue-in-cheek choreography to make even the most jaded scenester crack a smile) and the all-out chaotic live show that has been perfected by bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan and Story of the Year. Timeout.com calls Full Minute of Mercury "DC's hottest indie band." The Post Express simply writes, FMHg are "ridiculous . . . ridiculously good."


For calendar year 2003, Full Minute was the top downloaded band on mp3.com for Washington, DC. In November of 2003, Full Minute of Mercury finished recording their first studio demo. Within hours of their release, Full Minute's singles "Dream in Drop D" and "Next to Me" simultaneously held the number one and number two slots on washingtonpost.com's top downloads list, with "Dream" receiving a Washington Post Editor's Pick and being named "Song of the Week" two weeks in a row. The song later went on to receive editor's top pick for the Best Songs of 2003 and received yet another Washington Post editor's pick for the week of June 10, 2004. On December 14, 2003, FMHg made their radio debut on DC101 with the song "Next to Me." For the song "Ready to Go", Full Minute of Mercury was chosen by Pitchfork Media, MakeoutClub, and Buddyhead as one of three finalists for the best DC indie band to open up for the Suicide Girls first ever live burlesque tour. After a nationwide voting poll, Full Minute of Mercury won and played the opening slot at the Black Cat in DC to a sellout crowd on February 2, 2004. In October 2004, Full Minute of Mercury released their s


God Rest Ye Metal Gentlemen/ Bah Humbug - Single, Released Dec. 11, 2006

Alive Again - Debut Full-Length, out August 27, 2005

Full Minute of Mercury - Self Titled EP

"Dream in Drop D", "Next to me" and "That Song (is Stuck in my Head)" have all seen airplay on DC101.

"Now or Never" has seen airplay on Z104.

Set List

1. March of the Cicada
2. Alive Again
3. All Channels Clear
4. Stuck in my Head
5. Next to me
6. Girls Nite Out
7. The Rumor of Valerie
8. After You
9. Worst Best Friend
10. E to the M to the O
11. All in on the Big Blind
12. Ready to go
13. Let's Rock 2 Nite
14. Now or Never
15. Your Own Disaster

We typically don't play covers but we have been know to throw in a few every once in a while. Here is a list of a few we have done:

Belinda Carlisle - "Heaven is a Place on Earth"
Cheap Trick - "Surrender"
Loverboy - "Working for the Weekend"
Shampoo - "Girl Power"
Enrique Iglesias - "Escape"