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Irving, Texas, United States | SELF

Irving, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Funk


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The Countless Hours Of....FullMoonSun June 1999 In Color Sound FullMoonSun July 2011 all music avail on Itunes



..(Rome) I met Darrell whilst crowd surfing @ a Fishbone concert during their opening act Weapons Of Choice..we started laying down melodies the summer of 1995 in Dallas, Tx in my small apt on Richardson/Greenville ave..Darrell and I began looking for a guitarist who had similar likes in music and lifestyle..So we started hunting thru mags, and put ads out..one guy we liked alot..his name was JP..i had met him previously while writing material for another band..then turns out..Darrell had met him previously as well..could this be kismet?? It was..turns out Japes new a few of my dear friends in the music community..we formed a bond..one that would last a lifetime...fullmoonsun was born..Within no time at all we had written enough material to put a demo together, which in turn got us picked up by an indie label..Success Entertainment, where we released our 1st album "The Countless Hours Of Full Moon Sun"..Then of course...Grand Opening/Grand Closing...Success Entertainment proved 2 be an unsuccessful ride...So we quickly got off...we had signed all types of exclusive rights to our manager and owner of the label...hint..never sign w your manager..who's lookin out 4 who's best interests??? I think u kno...the end result..departure...we all went our separate ways(Rome) in Milwaukee, Darrell in Denver and JP in Dallas..10yrs later through the help of today's technology..(internet) we regained contact w one another..and of course..the magic was still there ;-)...this year marks the return of fullmoonsun...tell ya moms, tell ya wife, tell ya kids...fullmoonsun is back!!!! None of that NKOTB shyte either..that true soul music...remember when music could move you..and take u somewhere familiar? well..that's exactly what we're gonna do..we're giving you something you can feel..something you can see..thru music..we paint a picture sooo vivid..a blind man could see! JULY 2011...FULLMOONSUN...IN COLORSOUND...after one listen..U will definately See..what i'm Sayin...Peaceyaself, Rome

The Last Of The Spiddyocks..

Band Interests
love, air, food, water, sky...

Artists We Also Like
..the bands on mars and venus