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Looking for some good old fashioned, beer drinkin' rattle your ear drum, drop your pants rock n roll?? Look no further. Southern fried rockers FULL NELSON will be playing at the Short Street Lounge on Saturday night. The guys in this band have been around too. Full Nelson features former members of Vibeco, Triad, Oversteer, Dakota, The Rock Show and a dozen other local bands, but this could be their best combination of memner yet. 10pm, Short Street Lounge. $3 info @ www.fullnelsonrocks.com - ACE Weekly

"Full Nelson Rocks"

Full Nelson Rocks: Central Kentucky sleaze rock band Full Nelson got the groove goin' on. Very much reminds me of Guns `n' Roses style music. Kinda bluesy, kinda aggressive, with some pretty sweet guitar and bass playing, if I do say so myself.

You can tell these guys are a bit country, but the music speaks a thousand words. Mostly "let's party and rock out!" I was very impressed with their performance. Be sure to look Full Nelson up on Louisvillemojo.com! Or contact the band for gigs. info@fullnelsonrocks.com

---Eddy Metal
- Louisville Music News

"Album Review" The Rise of Southern Metal Vol. 1""

"Last weekend I received an advance copy of the new full-length
Full Nelson CD (2006 release, no official title as of yet).
Admittedly, I have been eagerly anticipating this release since I
first heard their demo tracks last fall. They may have left me
hanging in anticipate but when they deliver, they deliver! Every
track on this disc will suck you into its core. Luscious metal riffs
mixed with heavy grooving rhythm all dripping with meaty
vocals and savory harmonies. Not only can you sink your teeth
into this, it just may sink its teeth back into you. Driving hard
rock/metal blended with gritty sling back southern elements.
Enough testosterone to fuel metal fans and enough southern
comfort to seduce the whole world. The entire CD is a perfect
mix of familiar and fresh; raw enough to shake you up and
smooth enough to pull you in. Straight-up "in your face" lyrics
melt around an intricate weave of musical arrangement that
speeds you up, slows you down and leaves you hungry for
more. Hearing is believing.

The CD should be released and for sale online by the first of
May. (The demo is still currently on sale at their site and you
better hurry if you want one in your collection because they
say the demo is gonna hit the vault after the new CD is

Jen Strawberry - Radio Host and Co-founder

- Jen Strawberry- Aiiradio.net

"Album Review: The Rise of Southern Metal Vol.1"

Finally!! Someone finally puts out a cd of good time rock & roll. None of this pent up angry or sad woe is me crap that the music industry has been force feeding us for the last decade or more!! But, good ol' partying rock lyrics forged with no nonsense , sense of urgency metal. Southern fried metal, that is. "The Rise of Southern Metal" sounds like a statement and this cd certainly is. That's the name of Full Nelson's debut cd and that's their message as well. Southern metal is here and it ain't leaving. Full Nelson may be talking about the obvious on the opening track "Red Neck Love" but there may be another (double) message, one about rock&roll. "You want it/ I can to give it to you like you need it/ You need it". Yep, if it's a good ol' fashioned rockin' that they are talking about - then they certainly live up to their promise. "I won't be the new attraction in your freak show", Full Nelson proclaims in "Soakin' Wet", a rollickin' song with a cool funky southern groove. Full Nelson has a sound all of their own but are faithful to their influences. The music will draw comparsions to Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society because of their southern metallic melodies. I hear a touch of Stone Temple Pilot's and Velvet Revolver's Scott Weiland in the vocals, espically on "Superman". "Thing Called Love" may remind you of 70's Ted Nugent. This cd is influenced by great rock of the 70's but contains the raw power of modern metal. "The Rise of southern Metal" is a driving force of southern fried partyin' rock and roll. With the good time attitude of AC/DC, the roots of Skynyrd, the power of Black Label, and their own Kentucky fried creativity. With a video included in the cd of "Soakin' Wet" and lyrics to all of the songs, this is definetly a total package. The South's gonna do it again - only this time louder!!! ---- Alligator Jackson, Independant DJ and Country Artist

- Alligator Jackson-Independent Radio Host


"The Rise of Southern Metal" (2006) full album w/ video

"Long Hard Road" - (2002) 3 song demo



Based in central Kentucky, this original band of rock and roll mercenaries have been seen in quite a few powerhouse bands around the region. Playing most every venue within a 500 mile radius between them, this band has come together to make a powerful mixture of Soulful, Guitar Driven, Southern Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll anthems that brings melodic life back to songwriting in original form.

Made up of an all-star roll call, in this band you’ll find serious musical personalities from Vibeco, Triad, Oversteer, Dakota, Dirty Deeds, The Way, Heavy Love, Armed & Hammered, The Rock Show and various other respected bands around the area and at large.

Working together for less than a year, this band gelled quickly and had the experience and direction to create a sonically incredible three song demo in less than a day to represent their musical prowess and direction. Now after four years of honing the unforgettable sound and impact this band of brothers is ready to take it all the way to the top.

Having a complete and solid roster of musical talent, this foursome has made a quick name for themselves in a very short time period. Strong work ethic and having no shortage of strong material takes the magic of unselfish songwriters and strong musicianship to its ultimate potential. Not to mention the tight vocal harmonies and a spectacular live stage presence to bring the whole package together in a live, up in your face and truly entertaining show.

The Full Nelson sound ranges in style from melodic hooks and thundering drums to ominous grooves and infectious guitar riffs that make for catchy, soulful and addictive arena rocking tracks based on real deal experiences. Armed with a pocketful of good time, hard driving and unforgettable hooks, this powerhouse quartet has a sound that has been compared to Soundgarden meets Kiss, Stone Temple Pilots meets Molly Hatchet and Alice In Chains meets Lynyrd Skynyrd.