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Full of Pain has branched off taking hip hop music into a different direction away from the CRACK RAP music of today, by fusing talented storytellers with great music production. Full of Pain eases the peoples pain by sharing moments in life with them, while filling the void in Hip Hop.


FULL OF PAIN consists of two childhood friends, The Zu and Queen Niyahbingai. Raised on the south side of Chicago the two families would become close through the friendships of their mothers. The Zu moved back to his birthplace in Philadelphia where he became a member of the nine-man crew, The Rock Hard Delegation. However, the troubles of life would come into his world, and Zu would find himself trapped in the corrections system.

The Queen fell in love with rhyme schemes and started writing poetry at the tender age of six, and as the years past Niyahbingai would develop into one of the most talented writers the world has yet to witness. Queen Niyahbingai is a performing Spoken Word artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, and Hip-Hop artist. Her talents spread from Chicago, Minnesota, the Midwestern States, to Pennsylvania, and the Delaware Valley.

The Zu would not let his time away go to waste, and mastered the screenplay format. He now has 24 scripts to his credit. After his release, he reached out to his old friend after finding out that she was still trying to be heard. The two long time friends quickly fell in love, and really started making beautiful music together. Now engaged to be wed, these two MC’s will be the first ever husband and wife rap duo to hit the stages with music that the masses have long been waiting to arrive.

Full of Pain’s story is of love and pain, and feel the importance of staying focused in the midst of life’s struggles. Their mission is to fill the void where rap music of today has left a nasty taste in the hearts and souls of the people who love true Hip-Hop.


The Struggle will be the first single released by end of June 2007, followed by the self titled debut album being released in October 2007.

Set List

The Struggle
Living This Life