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Full On Flyhead

Oakland, California, United States | SELF

Oakland, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock


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"Flyhead Puts the Rock back into Rock and Roll"

In a music scene dominated by
pre-teen, pop-punk bands and
under-qualified musicians, it is a rare
occurrence to find a band that boasts
solid song-writing skills and possesses
the musicianship to back it up.
Oakland’s homegrown, Full on
Flyhead, proved to be such a band
Saturday night at Oakland’s Metro
Theater, located on Second and
After a decidedly lackluster performance
from the opening band,
Far from Innocence, Flyhead took
the stage just before midnight and
wasted no time in winning the adoration
of a full house.
The six-member band kicked off their
set with a unrelenting rocker called “The
Perils� and never looked back, keeping
the crowd on the edge of their proverbial
seats with guitar styles reminiscent of
legendary rockers Angus Young, Jimmy
Page and Slash.
However, the guitars are only
the beginning of the stream of talent
Flyhead has to offer. The band’s
lineup stands six members strong,
which allows them to cover a broad
sonic landscape, pulling off covers of
Led Zeppelin’s anthemic rock masterpiece
“Whole Lotta Love� as well as
Sublime’s rock-infused reggae rendition
of “Smoke Two Joints.�
The addition of a keyboardist set
Flyhead apart from the opening act
by adding subtle melodies without
overpowering the overall sound of
the band.
In fact, it is the general cohesiveness
and easy implementation of each
instrument that keeps Flyhead’s music
interesting without over-showcasing
the talent of any one member.
When songs seemed to teeter on
the edge of a lull, front man, Jeremy
Levine, pulled back the attention of
the crowd with his energetic stage
Levine is the type of front man
who can keep the attention of even
the staunchest of critics, especially
when bolstered by soaring guitar
solos and intricate drum parts.
Flyhead is the perfect band for
those seeking refuge from the poppunk/
indie scene that is so popular
today. If you find yourself among the
many music fans who are unsatisfied
with the state of modern music, Flyhead
offers a nostalgic breath of fresh
air that reminds us all of what rock
used to be and could potentially be
again. - The Pioneer

"The talented group Full on Flyhead will be appearing at Blake's on Telegraph on June 6th"

The boys of Full on Flyhead have gathered at Colorblind Studios in Concord, readying themselves for an evening session of practice as they prepare their second release, a full-length CD due out later this year. The energy within the cramped studio space is quickly charged with chatter and bodies moving to and fro, inside and out as the group tunes instruments or smokes cigarettes.
This summer brings Full on Flyhead, or just Flyhead, into their third year of formally playing together as a band. They literally began their journey from a garage - before getting the boot from their neighborhood - and have grown organically and fairly independently, having produced and released their first album with little assistance and on their own dime.
Their unique name has vague origins. But, does it mean anything?
"Yeah, but you're not going to get it," chuckled Eli Remas, bass player.
"We went through a bunch of names that were more 'normal,' but we didn't like any of them," added Jeremy Levin, vocalist. "I didn't like this one at first, but it grew on me. You have to repeat it when you tell others though because they always say 'what?'"
"I just say, 'hey your guess is as good as mine. It's whatever you want it to mean," continued Steve Kinsman who plays lead guitar. "We had to have a name to book shows, and at that point, we were stuck with it."
Unanimously, they agree their sound is solidly rock, with hints of funk and classic rock thrown in. Think of them as mixing Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tool and Pink Floyd.
Or, as Joey Nunez, rhythm guitar player, joked, "Just think of all the best bands in the world - and we've stolen their sound."
All of the boys hail from the Bay Area, and each currently resides anywhere from Pleasant Hill to San Francisco. Each one of them has a story, but surprisingle, all come from a musical background, whether it was influenced by a parent, begun as a child or developed over time from a need to express oneself.
And yet, Chriss Wheeler, the keyboard player, remembers a time when he didn't want to be involved with the group.
"I wasn't interested in being in a rock band," he said. "It's hilarious to look back now, but how manyt people can really say they're in a rock band, let alone one that's doing well and getting press and radio play?"
Flyhead's tunes can be heard regularly on 107.7 The Bone, and in live shows at area venues such as Blakes on Telegraph. In fact, Flyhead has an extended history with Blakes that includes family members serving there or frequenting Blake's before their time. Even their first official show was at Blake's.
All members contribute to the song writing, giving voice to the issues that matter to them, everything from historical events and figures to your typical rock songs centered around girls and drugs.
At the end of the day, regardless of whether the group takes on super-stardom - which they're all very open to, of course - they're here for the music that touches them on some level.
Sean Henson, drummer, said with seriousness, "Music saved my life many times."
"The cliche is that real musicians have day jobs, and we definitely have day jobs," said Levin.
"I'll play music regardless, whether it makes money or not," added Remas.
Full on Flyhead plays at Blake's on Telegraph on June 6th, show begins at 9 p.m - Contra Costa Times - Hills


2007 "General Issue", 7 song EP
2009 "Flyhead", 9 song LP
2011 "Metamorfiend" 10 song LP

The entire Flyhead catalog can be streamed at:
Songs from each Flyhead release have been featured on KSAN 107.7 The Bone's Locals Licks and World Famous Hot Lunch programs.



For half a decade, Full on Flyhead has been dazzling Bay Area crowds. Starting with a foundation of classic rock, mixing in heavy helpings of blues, funk, grunge and more, the Flyhead sound draws listeners in and takes them for a ride. Their deep catalog of songs keep their setlists fresh, and their enthusiasm keeps the energy high.

Flyhead draws their influences from across the rock canon (from Pink Floyd to Thin Lizzy, from Tool to Muse, from Funkadelic to Prince) and creates a sound that is familiar, yet decidedly unique. Charging through their live shows, they bounce from style to substance and back, often within the course of a single song.

Flyhead has frequent support from vocalist Stephanie Harwood (Beach Blanket Babylon, San Francisco Symphony, Swoon), adding another layer of dynamic and depth to their performances.

Thousands of fans around the Bay have had the Full on Flyhead experience, from basement clubs to Amphitheaters (Shoreline, in Mountain View CA, sharing the stage with the Scorpions and Sammy Haggar) and everywhere in between. The Flyhead sound has been a backdrop for fairs, motorcycle rallies, Marathons, private parties and more.