BandRockClassic Rock

We are a group of 5 talented musicians that love to play rock music and entertain our audiences. We write and compose our own music. Our rock has an edge like no other band. We have our own style that separates us from the rest.


Our music comes from our life experiences. The feel to our music reaches our audience with a natural exposure to old rock. Hendrix, Black Sabbath, The Doors have inspired our music. Many critics have referred to our music as a "re-birth of old rock." With over 300 self written and composed music we are committed to continue to reach as many people as possible.


First CD

Second CD

All together our band has written and composed over 300 songs

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Set List

We like to play our featured song lists from our CD's, however we are not limited to this. We can play a wide a range of genres, and can play our music for hours and hours! The covers we do; Hendrix, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Led Zepplin.