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"Firehall Rock"

Email the author May 30, 2008
Jessica Smith


Two local fire department captains are joking about how they'd look on stage, in full-turnout gear, rocking out.

"We're not going to be up there in bunker pants and helmets playing music," says Dean Curtis, an acting captain with the Guelph Fire Department.

His friend, Captain Matt Krusky, bursts out laughing at the thought.

The two men are the founding members of Full Turnout, a new local band in which all of the musicians are firefighters.

"We're not being in your face about it, but we're not trying to hide it either," Curtis says.

"We want people to respect our music, that we're not just some novelty gimmick," he adds.

Krusky says that while their band name, Full Turnout, is firefighting lingo for a fire that requires everyone to respond to it, it's not a term that most people would know.

"Honestly we weren't even looking at putting a firefighter band together," he says.

The band began with an informal jam session at Krusky's house, when the guys were "goofing around with some cover songs," Curtis says.

They started working together on an original song called "Movin' On."

It will be included on their first CD "Perfect Neverending," which they are in the process of recording.

Curtis wrote one of the songs on the CD, Krusky wrote the other 13.

"That's where the talent is, right there," says Curtis, pointing at him.

It was because Curtis was so impressed when Krusky played his original songs for the guys at the first jam session that he thought it would be a good idea to form the band.

Krusky describes the songs as "edgy pop-rock."

One of the challenges in writing for a new band is keeping the album sounding cohesive, he says.

"It's kind of hard because when you're first writing you can get into all whole bunch of different varieties until you find your sound."

On its five-song demo, the band sounds tight and well-rehearsed, the songs catchy and sincere.

Most of the songs are about love and relationships and there aren't any about firefighting.

"But there could be one in the works, it's not a bad idea," Krusky says.

Both guys like Sum 41. Other influences they mention are U2, Green

Day and Hedley.

They are recording "Perfect Neverending" with a session guitarist and are looking for a fifth member to play lead full time.

Singer Grant Halsey, an acting captain with Hamilton Fire Department, was the third member to join the band.

Curtis and Krusky had posted ads on the Internet for a singer, which didn't work out exactly as they'd hoped.

Some of the auditions they heard were so bad it was "American-Idol funny," Krusky says.

They found the Hamilton firefighter through a friend, and drummer Pete Zettle, a Maryhill firefighter, was a childhood friend of Krusky's.

Curtis says there is camaraderie among firefighters.

"It's really like having a second family," he says. "When you go into work, you're there living with them, responding to calls with them, and then you go home to your other family."

They plan to play at firefighting functions and donate a portion of their CD sales to the firefighter's benevolent fund, which helps local charities and hospitals.

Neither Curtis nor Krusky knows exactly what will happen from there.

"We'd love to have some airplay but we'll have to see where it takes us," Curtis says.

"I don't think we're quitting our jobs," Krusky adds.

"I'd love to have to face that decision, but we're being realistic about it too," Curtis agrees.

Whether the band takes off to stardom, both men love what they do now.

"It's an opportunity to help people every day, every call is different. It's unpredictable, exciting," Krusky says.

"That's what I like about it -- The alarm goes off and it's a different scenario," Curtis says.

- Guelph Mercury

"Band of Firefighters to Release Its First CD"

By Doug Hallett

Arts & Entertainment
Jun 06, 2008

If the Guelph Fire Department decides it wants live music in the future at its charity events, such as the fire department calendar release, fashion show and Hallowe'en haunted house, it won't have to look far.

Two local firefighters, along with a couple from Hamilton and Maryhill, have formed a band called Full Turnout, which is putting the finishing touches on its first CD.

The band plays "edgy pop/rock," says Matt Krusky, a Guelph fire department captain and rhythm guitar player who wrote most the 14 songs on the CD.

"It started out as a hobby," says Dean Curtis, a bass guitar player and acting captain with the local fire department. But after getting encouraging comments, they thought, "why not put it out on CD and see what it will do?" he says.

None of the songs has anything to do with firefighting, but the name of the band does. "Full turnout" is a term commonly used in the fire department for an alarm response that requires everyone in a fire hall to respond.

Neither Krusky, 43, nor Curtis, 35, have been in a band before, but the other two members of Full Turnout do have band experience. One is Grant Halsey of the Hamilton Fire Department, a singer. The other is drummer Pete Zettle, a Maryhill firefighter.

The band is still looking for a lead/rhythm guitar player for the live performing they hope to do, starting with a CD release party once the CD called "Perfect Neverending" comes out in a few weeks. "We're still in the mixing stage" with the CD, Curtis says.

A band made up of firefighters faces certain logistical challenges. "It gets a little dicey getting all of us together to play, because of different shifts," says Krusky.

However, a band made up of firefighters also attracts attention, like a calendar made up of photos of firefighters. And the various charity events involving firefighters would be a natural place for them to perform live shows, they say.

The band is on Facebook and has its own website (www.fullturnout.com), where people will be able to listen to songs from the CD and find out where the band will perform.

They're hoping the CD sells well enough to recoup the cost of recording it at a Guelph recording studio, Revelation Sound, and to make a bit of money for charity.

"But if it becomes bigger than that, then that's all gravy," says Curtis. "We'd obviously love to get some radio play out of the songs."
- Guelph Tribune

"Radio Interview with Ronia Michaels"

- 101.5 FM Radio


Debut Album is "Perfect Neverending"

Our album was just released in October and we have been getting some airplay for the title track "Perfect Neverending"
1 Later
2 Baby's Got a Secret
3 In the Dark
4 Lay it on the Line
5 In Yesterday
6 Movin On
7 Nature
8 Perfect Neverending
9 Recklessly
10 Room of Choices
11 Swept Away
12 What's the Point
13 Tired Eyes
14 Unspoken Words



The band Full Turnout began in the Fall of 2006 when some Guelph firefighters got together and started "jamming" on different songs. The first Full Turnout song was written on that day "Movin' On" and is found on the debut Full Turnout Album "Perfect Neverending".

Over time members of the band fell into place and are comprised mainly of firefighters! Original members are Matt Krusky, - Rhythm Guitar player and Captain with Guelph Fire Department, and Dean Curtis - Bass Guitar player and Acting Captain with Guelph Fire Department. Next to join was Singer Grant Halsey and Acting Captain with Hamilton Fire Department. Followed by Pete Zettle, on Drums, a Maryhill Firefighter. Last to join, Jamie Carroll, the son of a Firefighter, on Rhythm/Lead.
The name "Full Turnout" is a term commonly used in the Fire Department for a response which requires everyone to respond to. Full Turnout music has been commonly compared to Green Day, Northern Pikes, Spin Doctors, and Oasis, generating a sound guaranteed to please and generate a "Full Turnout" from the public!