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"Full Turnout "Adversity""

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FULL TURNOUT - review added 29th June 2011
Album Review: Adversity (2011)
For fans of: Alt Rock
Full Turnout hail from Southern Ontario in Canada...and they have an extremely silly name. I've spent most of my life describing the action of (for want of a better description) taking a large 'poopy' with the same words, so it's fortunate this band produces such great music or this review may have become an absolute mock-fest.

The band, comprising a bunch of firefighters, formed In 2006. Their debut album "Perfect Neverending" came along a couple of years later. "Adversity" is the second release from the guys and boasts a wonderful range of styles. I say wonderful because albums which explore many avenues often fail miserably, being too stop-start to be an enjoyable listen. Fortunately, there's an underlying vibe to "Adversity" that holds the whole thing together with real aplomb. They surge from the melodic pop of Take That to the punky pleasantries of The Offspring, covering most of the bases inbetween. It shouldn't work but it does, and that's a very good thing indeed.

The vocals are spot on. The musicianship isn't exceptional but it's more that up to the job. The production is way better than your average unsigned band. In fact the only thing I can criticise is the strangely bleak cover art which totally undersells the happy-go-lucky music on the album.

Song wise, the title track, 'Think it Over', 'Hang On', 'Hold On' and 'If I Were You' are vying for the status of best-in-album. If you've come here looking for a filler track you're in the wrong place. There isn't a duffer throughout.

In Summation:

This is one of the finest albums you could hope to hear from an unsigned band. If they could get some better cover art, and perhaps change their name to something less rude, they'd be nigh-on perfect.




Song Writing:

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"Fire Rock"

http://news.guelphmercury.com/arts/article/334536 - The Guelph Mercury

"Band of firefighters releases cd"

http://www.guelphtribune.ca/arts_and_entertainment/article/131647 - The Guelph Tribune


Our debute cd, Perfect Neverending has 14 tracks on it. Our debute cd did recieve radio airplay on college radio stations, Erin radio and CBC Toronto. We have a new cd, called "Adversity", released in may 2011. We have recieved great independent reviews of our new cd, and it is performing great on such indi platforms as fame games ,and our stage, where some of the songs have won first place, and song of the year.



Full Turnout is a Rock band, from Milton/Guelph, in Southern Ontario. Our music features strong vocals out front, driven by melodic lines, that will leave you singing everytime. Our music, although Rock based, easily crosses other genres such as alternative pop/rock, and yet still maintains a sound that is distinctly all our own. Lyrics that open a door everytime, combined with music that compliments your journey, with elements of mystery, longing, joy, hope and excitment.

In 2006, Full Turnout began as a group of Firefighters, jaming and writing original music. In 2008, our first cd was born, Perfect Neverending. A great accomplishment in a short year, to write, record 14 tracks. The feedback from the public and other indi platforms was amazing. We took a long hard look at ourselves, and where we wanted to go, and how we could grow as a band. We knew we had a good team with Pete Zettle on drums, and his lifelong bandmate Brian Parisotto on bass, both driving and containing our sound. Dave Drexler, a friend of our producer, joined the band as our frontman, and voice. We recognized his talent, and abilities were boundless. Brad Dugas, our producer and studio owner, expressed an interest in joining the band. Matt Krusky, the rhythm guitarist and writer of Perfect Neverending, began working on new songs with Brad. "Just Seconds Away" and "Hang on" were the first two products of that writing team. "Just Seconds Away" came in first place on "Our Stage" in March 2010 in Soft Rock. "Hang on" was voted a #1 song of the year on the revolutionary indie show, Fame Games. Both songs have achieved top 10 status on "Our stage" thru out 2010/2011. We knew we had something magical, with these kinda results. "Adversity", our new cd, is the result of 2 years of hard work, and intentional crafting and honing of the Full Turnout sound.

Full Turnout members include Dave Drexler on lead vocals. Matt Krusky on Rhythm Guitar. Brad Dugas on lead/rhythm guitar. Brian Parisotto on bass guitar. Pete Zettle on drums.