Buggy Nhakente & the FullyLoaded Band

Buggy Nhakente & the FullyLoaded Band


Versatile, charismatic the personification of Reggae entertainment, Buggy Nhakente & The Fully Loaded Band are truly an asset to any event. With conscious lyrics and an energetic performance you'll never forget, they'll take you on a phenomenal Reggae Journey as they share…Upliftment through music!


The FullyLoaded Band is steadily climbing the ladder to success, this being evidenced by its nominations at the 2011 Barbados Music Awards including the nomination for Band of the Year and Band of the Decade. This bears testimony to the fan based claim, that The FullyLoaded Band is the premier Reggae band in Barbados. The band, which features Barbados' Reggae Artiste of the Year 2010 and currently for 2011, Buggy Nhakente on Lead Vocals, Daniel Medford - Keyboards/Vocals, Mikey Ross - Keyboards/Vocals, Rhesa Garnes and Tabitha Johnson – Vocals, David Haynes – Musical Director/Bass and Jamal Browne on Drums, is a group of exceptionally talented musicians.

FullyLoaded’s repertoire includes not only traditional Reggae, but also fusions of Reggae with R&B, Soca and even Spouge; they take you on a Reggae Experience that you will not forget. With their unlimited choices of music, they bring back memories and help to create new exciting ones. The FullyLoaded band’s original music brings to light the motto of the band “Upliftment through Music”, as the music that they create and bring to people, is based on strong, powerful messages that not only motivate and enlighten, but share love and give hope. This is demonstrated in the strong music released to date which include “Shine the Light”, the thought provoking song “Soldier” and the melodic plea in “Gunman”

Every Wednesday night they bring the Reggae Experience to McBrides' in St Lawrence Gap for Reggae Wednesdays; where not only they have cultivated a following of locals, but also of visitors who come back regularly to see them. Their talents not only lie in rocking the clubs and promoted events, as they are also a fantastic backing band having backed many local artistes from varied genres and international artistes from Jamaica, Trinidad and the UK.

The FullyLoaded Band has been commended on the excellent performances at many of the major shows held in Barbados such as Reggae on the Hill, The Barbados Music Festival, The Beres Hammond Show - 2 Worlds Collide, also at Queen Ifrica & Tony Rebel, and many other events. It is these stellar performances that have helped catapult FullyLoaded into the spotlight and hearts of fans, locally and regionally. In this spotlight, FullyLoaded’s focus is on the exposure of local reggae talent; in their pursuit of one of their goals of getting Barbados to be seen globally as a source of great reggae music.

Versatile, charismatic and the personification of Reggae entertainment, The Fully Loaded Band is truly an asset to any event. Let them take you on a phenomenal Reggae Journey as they share….
Upliftment through music!



Written By: Buggy Nhakente

Yeah Man More life… More love… More peace
More blessings … More harmony…More life
Yeah man So I must keep the faith and stand firm

I’m a Soldier
My time to fight in this battle has come
Believe me
Just like a warrior
Faith is my shield
But Knowledge is my gun

I’m not afraid to die
Not afraid to live until death
Never gonna agree or comply
With the corruptive system weh set
Gonna spread my wings and fly
My destination me nah go regret
And them thoughts weh run through my mind
Limitless like the sky
And Jah him keep me in check
Me nah go make the wrong flex
Every step weh me take got to be in context
And each movement must complement the next
When me say ‘Fyah”
We adversaries get vex


Sometimes it feels like
When the day has no choice
But to become the night
You can’t help it, can’t fight it
Needing your strength just maintain your sanity
Losing your family to bullets of vanity
You can’t help,
Sometimes u can’t fight it
So I gotta take cover when disease try to infiltrate me lover
Me got bombs of health and strength
To defend against all them hostile takeover


And in the end when the smoke clears
Me done come face to face with my own fears
Done shed so much blood sweat and tears
When me check it out
Me found Jah inside of me
Keeping me safe watching over my shoulder
As my main source of energy
Making it easier to stay away from the loafers
And be blessed with the victory


Repeat 1st Verse


Soldier 2009
Shine the Light 2009
GunMan 2009
Diamond Queen 2009
Just A Man 2011
Freedom of Speech 2011
Be Blessed 2011
Waiting 2011

Set List

The Set List varies according to the gig

We play anything from hit originals, vintage to popular covers.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will tailor our set to suit your needs!