Fulton Read

Fulton Read

 Austin, Texas, USA

Texas Piano Rock. The licks of Ben Folds, the nerve of Trent Reznor and the spirit of the Beatles. This band is determined to intoxicate you, with a head held high, a couple ears to the ground, a few sheets to the wind, and all their eyes on the world.


Fulton Read is one of those bands that want it all- your attention, your respect, your mind and maybe your heart- with the hope that you will realize those timeless moments music brings are priceless. From the Fulton Read in 3D or Happy Christmahannukwanza shows to having Santa work the streets or the Drum Circle FLASHMOB they pulled during last SXSW, Fulton Read is driven by an incessant work ethic to bring you FREE MUSIC and blow your minds.

ANYTHING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION… tune you in, turn you on, then drop a beat on you with the sweet melodies and bounce that only Fulton Read can bring.

Their crazy SXSW antics even got them some coverage from Wired.com; Fox news shot the Flash Mob and some of it was featured in the Docubloggers/ME Television/AGMG SXSW TV special.

Fulton Read has learned well from their Texas roots- GO BIG or GO HOME- be it the live orchestra collaboration they pulled off while still in high school, their self-run Texas tours or singer/songwriter Anthony Erickson making the “irresponsible” move by selling his newly inherited 2007 Saturn Ion to do more recording, make more merch, go on more tours and study music business at Berklee ONLY TO GIVE AWAY THEIR MUSIC FOR FREE!?!?

This passionate, reckless, free spirit is what drives founding members Anthony Erickson and Stephen Duffy. “There’s nothing better we have to offer the world than our music” said Erickson. As a writing, producing and jamming duo- Duffy and Erickson found each other enraptured in the musical experience, jamming together as teens and rekindling the fire in their 20’s to complete Fulton Read’s psychedelic piano power pop sound in mid-2006.

They have assembled a top-notch cast of Austin musicians to back them up including- Justin Von Kennel on guitar; Ryan Gilmore on bass; backup soul singers Candi Sanders and Bonnie Stone; first class horns from Greg Williams, Josh Davies, and Javier Stuppard; and on occasion Joshua Ello on electric violin – creating a sonically diverse live show to complement their already catchy songs.

They have shared the stage with many diverse acts from Circa Survive, Say Anything and The Format, touring through Houston, to even the king of modern piano pop himself- Ben Folds at Stubb’s in Austin in May of 2010. At this show they premiered a songwriting collaboration, inviting fans to offer their naughty lines and clever innuendos for the sexually charged- “What’s Been on Your Dirty Mind?”- that developed from a Band-esque Levon Helm growl into an R&B romp morphing even further into a classical, operatic stint. All about interactivity, Fulton Read offers all their music as Creative Commons works to be freely downloaded, shared and recreated, also welcoming remixes or covers and returning the creative favor to the world with Fulton Read’s piano versions of Yeasayer and the Black Keys.

“We just want to create a climate of collaboration and interactivity with our fans and other musicians so we can all enjoy and further understand whatever it is we’re doing” said Erickson. “That’s how the idea for WebCamJams came about. We’re planning to launch the web series with our recording studio space in the upcoming months”

Fulton Read has developed through 5 releases from “a garage rock version of Ben Folds” (Melodic.net) on their debut “How Rocks Become Mountains” to crafting better songs and sounds with producers Rory Allen Phillips, CJ Eiriksson and Will Hoffman respectively on “Out of the Woods” and “Indivisualize” to honing their production skills on the self-produced “Synchronize”- that in some opinions “tops everything they previously recorded” (Monsieur Delire).

Definitely on the upswing, their latest single, “What I Got From You” offers a new take on Fulton Read’s piano pop sound with a more surf guitar-led track that still rings with patented FR apocaloptimism- you gotta live like there’s no tomorrow and “you gotta love your life how you live it.”

So again Fulton Read asks fans to “create your reality” by releasing this newest track as a single/remix/ringtone set that is collectable, shareable and interactive- offering up stems for the remixing electronic musician, a customizable ringtone to share with friends for the active socializers and an mp3 single for those who simply wish to sing a long.

However you choose to interact with Fulton Read, they just want you to enjoy it and remember “what you got from Fulton Read, you can’t get from no one else.”


Hey Now

Written By: fulton read

This ain't the way we were meant to be living
I didnt get ,didnt get, what I was giving- no
Some things were meant to be unceration
You can't live life just fighting and hurting all day

A man once said the times they are a-changin
Everyone is up but no one's rearrangin at all
Lets give up all this frontin and fakin
its already hard enough to make truth out of nothing at all

Hey now hey everybody don't ya worry bout tommorow cuz we're living right now

A Better Way

Written By: Fulton Read

There's got to be a better way I know I've
Seen it linger in the haze of long nights
an image burned its way into my third eye
there's got to be a better way to scale these heights


What I Got from You (single) 2010
Synchronize- 2010
Indivisualize- 2008
Out of the Woods- 2007
Demo freEP 2-2006
How Rocks Become Mountains-2005
Demo freEP 1-2004

-Anthony Erickson appears on keys in Young Love's, Smashing Pumpkin's tribute to '1979' on MySpace Records

Set List

Typical Set Time: 1Hr-1:30Hr
Mostly always originals.
covered songs by:

The Beatles
Elton John
Meat Loaf
Dr. Dre