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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Indie


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FunCam @ Roc N' Doc's

Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

FunCam @ The Paddock

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Cam Fraser has an education spanning from English Literature, New York theatre training, graduate work in graphic design and music at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Among others, Cam has played in popular Toronto bands including The Four Kelly’s, Crispin’s Glove and The And Then’s. His individualistic flare and outlandish live antics garnered Cameron the stage name “Fun Cam”.

Fun Cam (Cam Fraser) and crew, worked on and off on the “Basement Rock” album for about a year, recording all the tracks live, off the floor, and in the same room. They kept the overdubbing at an absolute minimum. All the guitars went in dry using no pedal effects or software enhancements. So, in today’s swashbuckling, glossy and Melodyned music world, how does Fun Cam and “Basement Rock” measure up?

For starters, Fun Cam has a sound that is completely his own. It’s crunchy, fuzzy, aggressive, spacey, acidy and sometimes brooding alt-folksy with a touch of 60’s psychedelia and punk mixed in. And I’m not sure I even got enough descriptions in there! It’s a sound that Fun Cam maintains perfectly, in varying doses, throughout the whole album.

Fun Cam (Cam Fraser) and Johann Burkhardt complement each other very well, and together, they manufacture some absolutely hair-raising sounds throughout this recording. This album is vintage in feel, yet modern and innovative and the same time. I will enjoy it for years to come, just as I do my old Bowie, Zeppelin and Crosby, Stills Nash & Young records; simply because “Basement Rock” relies on substance, rather than on pretense.

This much is clear the minute “Baby Tonight” comes flying in on a high note. The song is full of referential influences and the sound echoes of the past amalgamating into a blend of psychedelia and rock and roll, with a few shards of melodic folk-rock shining through. “Colder in L.A” is faster and louder with Fun Cam’s punk influences taking a front seat. The supporting vocals come in nicely, just lending a hand to catch some fire, while Fun Cam and the band jams out right.

There is a really good infectious beat going on in all the songs. And “Vegan Girlfriend” is no exception. Fun Cam’s vocals are incredible, the guitars wonderfully crunchy, the bass and drums tight. If you like the retro rock sound, you won’t go wrong with this. Listen to “Bandana Jeans Girl” loud a few times and you’ll like it more and more each time. Put it away and listen to it a few days later. And the melody and harmonies sound even better. You’d need to put Jackson Browne into the Beach Boys to get anywhere close to this authentic feel-good sound.

Passionate, intense and hard-hitting, “Small Town Swing Bridge” forges all of Fun Cam’s influences possibly absorbed from Neil Young. It really is one of the highlights of this album’s sonic texture for sure. “Last Show” and “Not Today”, are chalked full, good rocking jams. The attitude and style in which they are delivered demands your full attention and greatly adds to the overall vibe of this album.

“Hit me baby” is none other than a superb reworked, acoustic version, of “Baby One More Time”, the Britney Spears megahit song, written and produced by Max Martin and Rami in 1998.Fun Cam strips the song down, and then turns it upside down and inside out, in the best possible way. The result is a track so full of character that it stands out like no other bare-bones acoustic-rock song, I’ve heard in a long time.

Fun Cam (Cam Fraser) and crew have done an excellent job of pooling together all their talents into a cohesive and refreshing use of their instruments and voices. This album is always about the songs, and never about the musicians, and every part that is played creates a full-bodied jam of chunky riffs and analog lushness. The groove laid down on these tracks is undeniable and almost unheard of in the digital era. “Basement Rock” is a must have for anyone who remotely likes rock music. It embodies what has made…and still makes rock music so damn enjoyable! - Jamsphere

Fun Cam--when you first hear the name you're immediately intrigued. I mean, who doesn't like to have fun? From the tracks on Basement Rock, Cam is definitely that guy and his music is reflective of that. The 1st track "Baby Tonight" starts off somewhat "unexpected" with the chorus as the wonder if you started listening to the song from the beginning or the middle but as you continue to keep your ears open, you are hit with an honest but catchy tune with relatable lyrics that make you chuckle. It lets you know you're in for a super cool musical ride ahead.

When "Colder in L.A." starts you can't but help to do the side to side two step as your head bops along. The presence of the drums will get those hands and feet moving simultaneously in no time! There's a vintage feel to this song that you'll feel as you start to sing along. And once again, you can't help but to pay attention to the song as Cam and his background vocalists tell a story that makes this tune one that will stick in your head for a while.

Now before you even get a chance to listen to "Vegan Girlfriend," you find yourself smiling because well.....WHO doesn't have one of those? And if you don't have one, you ARE one! The music on this track is so good that you almost don't expect it to be accompanied by lyrics that will make you laugh--but they will. And hopefully you can laugh and dance at the same time because that's exactly what you'll be doing to this song. Oh, and don't be afraid to let loose to that funky groovy little guitar solo--I know I did.

Cam slows it down a bit for us on "Bandana Jeans Girl" which is refreshing. He showcases his diversity on this cut with lyrics that make you reminisce about a lost love or crush that you hope to run into one day. The simplicity of this song makes you close your eyes and remember when life was just a little bit easier. There's even a nostalgia in Cam's vocals that bring it all together. This song will be enjoyed by listeners from ages 8-80.

The lyrics get deep in "Small Town Swing Bridge" and the groove slows down a bit more as Cam reaches into his soul for this one. You start to respect him more as an artist once you quickly realize that this guy is more than "fun," he's real and sincere which always makes for the best kind of music. The music is honest and healing.....a song you'll find yourself going to for peace of mind on an unbalanced day.

"Not Today" could easily become a theme song for anyone going through a break up or dealing with an ex. But when I think about it, it could be a theme song for any and everyone! We've all had that moment where you just didn't want to deal. And this song makes you feel more than okay with that. The voicemail clip is so believable and brings such character to the song, I wonder if its actually from a scorned lover of Cam's. While you think back about your own past scorned lovers, you'll be moving to the infectious sounds of the drums and guitar and harmonizing background vocals which will make you come back to this song time and time again.

"Last Show" gives you an inside peek on what its like to be at an actual show with Fun Cam. Again, you wonder if this actually happened--which is a sign that these lyrics are well written and thought out. There's a beautiful female vocal solo on here that leaves you wanting more.

Speaking of wanting more....that's also what "Hit Me Baby" does. Once again Cam showcases his skill and diversity with this one by giving this teen pop hit into an adult love song. At first I didn't even realize what song it was, and once I did--I became even more of a fan. They say "save the best for last" and that's what Cam did by surprising you and making you rewind the track....not believing he could actually make that song not only sound but FEEL so good. But he does. So good it makes you not want to hear the original. Like....ever.

Basement Rock reminds you of well.....parties in the basement when life was good--REAL good. When you had no worries and could let your hair down and let the music play for as long as you wanted. The vintage feel of this album is so welcoming, you can't help but to want more. The fresh variety makes you appreciate real music again and the lyrics tell a story that feels like your own. No "added trinkets" on any of these tracks--what you hear is raw and real, like your mom and dad's old records of their favorite rock band. Its what good music is, always has been, and always will be. And Fun Cam doesn't mind reminding you of that track after track. It's a signature sound that will be sure to make them a favorite band of all who listen. - Kelly Murphy, written by Nicole Sweeney


Still working on that hot first release.



Combine an education spanning from English Literature,  New York theatre training, graduate work in graphic design and music at the renowned Berklee College of Music and you land on the thoughtfully cheeky Cam Fraser. 

Years of playing in popular Toronto bands including The Four Kelly’s, Crispin's Glove and The And Then's just to name a few, while extensively performing at various venues throughout central Ontario. His individualistic flare, and outlandish live antics garnered Cameron the stage name "Fun Cam". 

Equally influenced by a passion for vintage equipment, classic recording techniques and clever narrative storytelling makes for a Garage Rock/Power Pop handle on vibrant originals and unique takes on covers. 

Coupled with his devotion to folk great Neil Young, punk originals including The Ramones, avant garde’s like David Bowie and alt champions such as The Strokes, Fountains of Wayne and Sloan. Fun Cam has an ability to bridge humour with his pop sensibility, which creates a positively exciting live moment for his audience.

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