Func Haus

Func Haus


Think Dave Matthews, meets Living Color, meets the Aquarium Rescue Unit, with a dash of Steve Morse and Eric Johnson.


Formed in the spring of 1990, Func Haus became instantly popular in their region of the South as a progressive rock band with a rare combination of talent. All students of jazz, their dedication and love for music didn't stop there, as the melodic quality of Tilley's compositions found an interesting home within the impeccable groove making of Higgins and Pero. 1992 saw Func Haus obtain a major record deal with Chrysalis Records. However, EMI bought the company that year and like many others, plans for their record were scrapped. 1995 saw the members go their separate ways. Tilley immersed himself in studio production, mixing records and composing three film scores to his credit.Terence Higgins became the amazing syncopation behind New Orleans' prestigious Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Warren Haynes Band, and John Scofield, to name a few. And bassist, Marc Pero found a place for his unique style of playing with New Orleans world renowned funk bands, "Papa Grows Funk". 2008 brought the band back together for the recording of material they had written but never properly recorded in the 90's resulting in the 2010 release titled simply, FUNC HAUS: Func Haus. This past November 26th, 2011 however was a turning point for the band, reuniting for a live recording and DVD to be released March of 2012. The band seeks management and booking for 2012.


FUNC HAUS/ Func Haus
FUNC HAUS/ Absolutely Live
FUNC HAUS/ 11.26.11 mp3 album
FUNC HAUS 11.26.11 live DVD concert