Ecstatic expiremental pop drone beauty deep happy smart songs/pieces, lush weaving layers, dextrous adaptable live show from galleries to festivals. Outstanding lyrical poignancy, heartfelt wild sonic moments. Like Alice Coltrane, Fennesz and Eric Bachmann in a band together.


“The Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds of Ordinary, Measured Light is the finest album to emerge from Australia this year. You have been warned.” -

Similar sentiments came from Japanese label Wonderground (home of the Go-Betweens), recently becoming the Japanese home of Function. Function embarked throughout March and April on their first world tour, performing in Los Angeles, SXSW in Austin, New York City, London and Tokyo, before returning to Melbourne mid-April to record a follow up to their highly acclaimed debut on Love and Mercy Records. (see website listed below for all relevant label links etc)

Function arose out of the ashes of the legendary and eccentric Melbourne avant-rock group The Golden Lifestyle Band, as Matt Nicholson’s solo venture. The Function debut record The Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds of Ordinary Measured Light was borne out of Nicholson’s extensive aural wanderings and experimentation over the last 8 years.

“The Zillionaire..” is a subtle and mesmerising document which finds seemingly disparate elements such as ecstatic pop, orchestral slices and Indian drone combined with unusual dexterity and understated genius. It rocks, in unusual ways.

Function provides an eclectic mix of melody, disposition, atmosphere, and instrumental integrity that is packed with moments of unbridled brilliance. From the outset you notice the lyrical quality presented is outstanding. It is as difficult to resist the charms of this record as it is useless to try and find an apt label for them. But if one were to use reference points to describe something of Function, they might include the likes of Califone, Flying Saucer Attack, The Flaming Lips and The Microphones. Matt Nicholson, when not working with Function, creates elaborately synchronised soundtracks for certain avante-garde visual art shows in California and Europe, and this audio-collage spills over into the layers of of Function.

“…a stunning masterwork of intriguing musical delights” -
“…a subtle eclectic expansive epic” – Scene magazine

Function have appeared onstage alongside the likes of The Archers Of Loaf, Thalia Zadek (Come), Piano Magic, Oren Ambarchi and various such others.

General, off-the-cuffly-stated musical influences – Wipers, Ligeti, Flying Saucer Attack, Popul Vuh, Sun City Girls, This Heat, Iron & Wine, Maurice Ravel, Rafael Toral, Magnetic Fields, Stars Of The Lid, Califone, Black Dice, This Kind Of Punishment, Jackie O Motherfucker, Savath & Savalas... on and on…………….

What sets Function apart from other bands? – "we are not other bands, we’re Function from Australia and we are unique people with unique backgrounds playing very unique music. We’ve been playing music (mostly in Australia) for almost 15 years in various incarnations and have seen many trends come and go, whilst playing wild and moving original sound."

Function have just moved to London, where Roger who started the Flying Nun label is starting a new label for Europe that will release Function. We have also a label in Japan and a label in Australia, and have not settled on a label for USA as yet.

Have much mojo, will travel.


Air Kiss Air

Written By: Matthew Liam Nicholson

who is there?
and what is the problem?
tomorrow there will always be true water

lying on the floor and looking down at the sun
the out-of-nowhere frames of all the windows
are nothing
like the myths by which humans live

if you only knew the ocean source of every piddling puddle you’ve ever fished

the bliss is busting love-heavy
and falling weightless as the ultimate openness rest
never without the frying and bubbling emotion
of counter-idiotic conscious flow
breeze, fresh-feathers the heart’s skin
and is only alive

lying on the floor and looking down at the sun
the out-of-nowhere frames of all the windows
are nothing
like the myths by which humans live

the most ascended cello
of highest human-made sound
so highly strung
as to only bleed whole-bodily dissolution

no proof needed
air kisses air
and space fucks itself

no proof needed
air kisses air
and space fucks itself

Situational Cellophane

Written By: Matthew Liam Nicholson

wearing beads to count your needs
staring out of a bag inside a bag
breaking something
as you check to see if it’s broken

situational cellophane
on the light that never goes out
lending color and flavor
to a time and its labor

more audio on

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· 1995-7 saw three of Matt’s demented and heavenly home-made longplayer Function tapes distributed locally.

· 1996 saw The Golden Lifestyle Band’s seminal record “I’ve Ruined The Mood” containing numerous Function pieces.

· 1997 saw the Function 7” single “Birthright” (in an extended mix) created for the 50 record players exhibition in Melbourne.

. 1997 saw The Golden Lifestyle Band record their second record with a few Matt songs just before they broke up - still to be released, and will be.

· 1998 saw the Function self-titled album on cdr and tapes - both in 16 and 10 song versions.

· 2003 saw “The Zillionaire-Retarded Speeds Of Ordinary, Measured Light” unleashed and widely praised, documenting Function past and present, in home-mode and studio mode.

· 2004 - "The Zillionaire..." released in Japan by Wonderground Music.

Matt and Milo record spontaneous 40 minute piece in London to be released early 2005.

Function working hard on about 30 new pieces of music being considered for next album for Australia/UK/Europe/Japan release. Recording presently with members between Melbourne, London & Hawaii.

"The Zillionaire.." being prepared for UK/Europe release before end of 2004.

Set List

no typical setlist. sometimes we do the rockband song thing and sometimes we don't. we have been known to play with between 2-10 members, sometimes scaled back and quiet, sometimes massive wall of sound layers with many players, always unpredictablly enjoyable. we have countless songs/pieces to draw upon, depending on who is in the line-up and where on earth we are playing.