Fund Your Mentals
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Fund Your Mentals

Tempe, Arizona, United States

Tempe, Arizona, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"ASU Radio Station Review of FYM debut album 'Boudica'"

Sara Zeck: Director of Promotions 1260am The Blaze

Every band has the same dream, hitting the big time. Few bands, however, standout enough to have a legitimate chance. Many bands have talent, the look, or the charisma, but an increasingly smaller number have all of that and more. What more could you ask for? A unique sound that will allow you to easily identify the artist when you hear them again, new and progressive melodies that are not just the same old song structure repeated over and over again, and a soul to the music that allows for people of all ages to connect with the songs. In their debut release, Boudica, FundYourMentals exemplifies all of that.
Boudica covers a range of styles, having something to entice listeners of all genres of music. There are upbeat songs with catchy rhythms such as skeletons, as wells as the more rhythmic jams of Lost and Move to Remember. The haunting vocals combined with one of the most distinctive guitar tones in music today allows FundYourMentals to create a sound that is truly divergent from the mainstream rock of today. FundYourMentals sound is worth remembering.

- The Blaze 1260am

"The Blaze 1260 am Music Director Review"

Wasef Elkharouf: Music Director 1260am The Blaze

I’m lucky enough to be in a position where one can get a very concise grasp on the state of the local music scene and the slew of artists that form its makeup. As time passes and more artists come across your path, the easier it becomes to identify those that have carved their own niche in the scene. Sometimes this is done by virtue of an artist performing a function that didn’t exist making them stand out; however, the true talent lies in those that mold a unique role for themselves amidst those that cannot. FundYourMentals’ new record, Boudica, accomplishes just this.
The album follows a non-linear format that adopts a sound consistent only in its multifaceted mannerisms. Appropriating a collection of sounds that on their own would seem oddly matched are forced into harmony, as exemplified by tracks such as Far Gone and Skeletons. The listener may find themselves carried away by the ambient vocals only to be snatched back by the clenched fist of the merciless drums to be thrashed about, all the mean while the guitars guise themselves cleverly by remaining ubiquitous , yet nonpartisan in their stance amidst the tumultuous battle. In this sense, FundYourMentals have etched a distinctive role for themselves within our scene and offer a listening experience others are unable to achieve.
- The Blaze 1260am


"Form of Control"-2005



Without a doubt Fund Your Mentals makes the most unique eclectic rock in Arizona. FYM is an up and coming Arizona-based rock band that has been writing original music since the winter of 2004. Since their inception, Fund Your Mentals have consistently played many local and National Venues such as: the Marquee Theater, The Clubhouse, The Big Fish Pub, The Real Bar, The Mason Jar, The Phix Gallery, The Stray Cat and many others. Fund Your Mentals advanced in two international battle of the bands competitions sponsored by Emergenza. Fund Your Mentals wrote, recorded and produced their debut ep 'Form of Control' in the fall of 2005 and just recently Fund Your Mentals has taken the next step in releasing their full-length album 'Boudica'. The post-modern gospel 'Boudica', a 50-minute blend of rock drawing sounds from a number of influences was also written, recorded, and produced by FYM. Their brilliant bass lines, anthemic guitar riffs and riot inciting drum patterns must be heard to be understood and believed.