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Funeral Kab

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Funeral Kab are One Hell of a Ride"

Independent Release, 2014
This feels in equal parts, Evil, wicked, mean and nasty. And I mean that in a good way. Punk, post punk (whatever the hell that is) and everything else as of late that plays hard and fast has become 1., too self absorbed in it’s own boring, trite feelings. Or 2., Funeral Kabconsumed with trying to be as foul as possible. Like torture porn for your ears, only less interesting.
But Funeral Kab take most of their musical cues from 70′s and 80′s era punk and (80′s) thrash and do it well. This 5 song EP is as subtle as getting slapped by your girlfriend for making out with her best friend without the excuse of being drunk, and you know, completely worth it.
“Church Maus” and Christian Sheep” are the two opening tracks; angry screeds on religion. “…And Now Your Shit” is angry about . . . .something and that’s good enough for me. Good song, good riff, mid-tempo and balls out, what’s not to love about a song you want to instantly skateboard to?
Every artist worth a hot damn from Lou Reed, the Dead to The Ramones and even the putzes in G’n'R before they became ultra douchey had songs about scoring dope. “1717 17th Street” is Funeral Kab’s ditty about Horse and all it’s earthly delights. And like the best dope songs, it’s catchier than chlamydia and twice as much fun.
“Hey Hollywood” is another great track for calling out the city/entertainment industry for making celebrities out of reality stars. For this alone, Someone should follow the members of FK around all day long with cameras, recording their each and every thought.
Funeral Kab are young-ish, pissed off and not so high minded as to need to occupy anything other than your stereo to let you know just how mad they are. They also manage to keep a sense of humor about themselves, which is refreshing and re-assuring. There are those who feel the world needs love. Not me. We need a fleet of Funeral Kab’s with their radios all tuned to the same station at once, playing just to the point before the stock speakers in the door start to distort. - Indie Music

"Funeral Kab S/T EP"

Funeral Kab S/T EP
The sheer energy that Funeral Kab possess on this self-titled Ep calls back to the early days of Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies, with hints of Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity and bits of Rites of Spring / Fugazi. Taken all together, this no frills rock / punk / hardcore blend is something that is loud, raucous, and has a take no prisoners approach that keeps the energy high from beginning to end. Christian Sheep begins with an absolutely furiour guitar line / drum dynamic before a Dead Kennedys / Fear sound is cultivated. …And Now You’re Shit smooths things out further and ties in hints of Jet and Refused into the mix – the track feels as if it came from an unholy blend of 2000s Sweden and 1970s Detroit. An absolutely furious guitar riff is further highlighted with an accompanying bass line. 1717 17th Street keeps the high energy high and inserts a bit of rockabilly and psychedelic rock into the mix – Funeral Kab is able to insert the Nekromantix and The Cramps into their overall repertoire while keeping things fun and furious.
While Funeral Kab’s interests usually have a very dirty and (sometimes) hard to hear production to their recordings, I feel that Funeral Kab are able to create a similar sound to their music while mastering and producing it in such a way that listeners can discern every guitar line, bass riff, and lyric that is contained on this EP.
Visit the band’s Facebook or Bandcamp for the latest in news, releases, and samples of Funeral Kab’s music; the band is tops at what they do and create a fully fleshed-out persona on their self-titled EP.
Top Tracks: The Procession to Church Maus, …And Now You’re Shit
Rating: 8.8/10

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"Funeral Kab Self-Titled EP – Music Review"

It leaves you a bit sweaty. A bit filthy. A bit drained.

I’d say it’s worth the listen? Right?

Austin, Texas’ Funeral Kab’s five-track self-titled EP leaves much to the imagination in terms of trying to keep up on the lyrics. But make no mistake, the journey to get to that state-of-mine is an adrenaline-filled escape.

According to the band’s bio, “Church Maus” is written from the point of view of a Church mouse. It took me awhile to really put my mind into that spot before I realized I was just trying way too hard to make something more that it being what it is. The punk fueled track is a high octane piece with cursing, jumpy guitar licks and a bevy of percussion. Something about the lyrics – or even the vocal barrage – engulfed my senses.

In “Christian Sheep” the band takes another philosophical approach to religion. This song triggers a lot more imagery than “Church Maus” and has a bit more lyrical structure. Or not. That’s the beauty of punk rock – the less structure the better!

“…And Now Your Shit” has a killer opening riff. The music bed to this song is pretty damn cool. It’s got this echo-ing type of guitar that shuffles alongside the throbbing base.

The last two tracks, “1717 17th Street” and “HEY Hollywood” are also solid punk pieces. I felt like as the EP went along, the songs got better and better. Overall, I give these guys a solid B+. I’d like to have heard more of the change ups on the guitar riffs and I liked how they toyed with the listener on moving tones. Fans looking for something part Faith No More part Green Day and part Orgy might find it in Funeral Kab. - Hot Indie News

"Funeral Kab EP"

Possessing a thoroughly deranged intense energy, Füneral Käb’s debut EP shows off their destroy everything mentality. Literally a rush with absolutely no stopping whatsoever the EP burns through twelve minutes like it was nothing. How they manage to maintain this level of madness throughout the five songs is doubly impressive. This is what punk rock should sound like. Full of a general “Fuck You” attitude which they display pretty much the entire time the EP is a damned blast of sound.


“Church Maus” begins the EP with some seriously grimy riffs before it moves into full-on assault. By far the longest song it is incredibly catchy. The highlight of the collection it possesses great riffs and great dollops of noise. Virtually demanding to be played as loud as possible the song is visceral. The equally dirty jam of “Christian Sheep” barely holds it together feeling akin to a complete flash of energy. On “1717 17th Street” they move into more anxious delivery. With this nervous energy neatly embodied the jerky rhythm the song employs a sense of incredibly dark humor. The insistent guitar riffs work wonders for the piece and helps to give it a queasy uneasy feeling. For the finale of “HEY Hollywood” they open up with a super distorted bass line before barreling through. Here they use the song as a critique of celebrity culture.

Messy, distorted, and loud, Füneral Käb embodies the best of punk rock.

Posted by Beach Sloth - Skope Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Formed as the brain child of Derek K bassist of Confuzatron & Orange Platypus, Mark and Derek thought it would be a great idea to start a band.  Mark known from his bass playing days in The Moistboyz worked with Derek and got together with Dave Rangel bassist of Black Earth and guitarist/vocalist of Orange Platypus.  Bringing Dave in was a no brainer considering he had previously torn up the Texas rock scene with Derek in Orange Platypus years before, then on guitar.  The three tried out drummers of each kind, until Mark brought Gonzalo into the mix.  Once the 4 got together for the first time, Funeral Kab was formed.  With punk rock intensity, heavy riffing, big bottom end, the ribbon that put this package together was Gonzalo's technical arsenal of drum beats!  This layed the foundation for what would be their kickass live show  and high energy punk rock.  After Gonzalo's departure, FK incorporated Ben Scott, also of Black Earth, as their new drummer in a seamless transition in order to keep the Kab moving.  Keep an eye out as Funeral Kab will definitely take everyone in their path for a ride of pure intense punk rock and melodic destruction!  

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