Fungus Amungus

Fungus Amungus


Fungus Amungus hails from Providence Rhode Island and has been performing in New England since 2003. We play a high energy blend of funk, reggae and rock and roll. We're winning over fans everywhere we go and we're very promtions-minded. We make the best out of every gig.


Providence Rhode Island's own Fungus Amungus. Fungus is influenced heavily by James Brown, Maceo Parker, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Voted best Jam Band by the Providence Pheonix in 2004 and 2005, we've got a growing and loyal fan base. Our music is a dance-able blend of funk, reggae and rock with tasteful horn arrangements and driving drum beats. Ron Laporte adds growling vocals that lend a signature style to Fungus' sound. The addition of Johnnie Lingo's keys came about after the breakup of his former band The Lingo and has brought Fungus a new approach to its songwriting.

We've shared the stage with bands like The Spin Doctors, The Violent Femmes, Deep Banana Blackout and Max Creek and have played everywhere from ski resorts to college campuses, festivals to concert halls.

We've been promoting creatively on a local and regional level-partnering up with many different bands from many different areas in an attempt to reach a broader audience. We take an approach to promoting ourselves and our shows that shows a commitment to packing the rooms that we play. We hope the next room is yours.


2004 LP "All Banged Up"

Set List

Dont Stop
Pick Up The Pieces
It's Up To You
Fire It Up
Waiting For Ron
Stay For The Funk
Do It Again
Get The Funk Out
and more

Set's vary based on venue.