Funka-nima is a tasty combination of unrestrained energy, ruthless talent, and sweet solid funk. We are a dance-inducing machine fueled by old-school jazz training and driven by new-school creativity and instrumental prowess. Our name is our aim: Funka-nima! Livening up the Funk!


"The group is all about original tunes and arrangements that make audiences want to move,"

"An ebullient style that comes with a touch of Rio," -The Sun Chronicle

Funka-nima is an up-and-coming funk/groove group that is tearing up the music scene in and around Boston. Founded by Steve Brickman, a saxophonist with a truly stupendous skill for conjuring untried and moving compositions, Funka-nima is an assembly of like-minded instrumentalists whose sole orientation is the groove. As musicians, they have mastered the art of providing intellectual stimulation for even the most avid jazz listener. However, they always keep the common man in mind and move the crowd to dance well into the morning.

The band has matured through favorable press reviews (with a feature article in 'The Andover Townsman') and regular appearances in some of Boston's most entertaining night spots (including an appointment as the house band at Glory's Restaurant). During the year, the band members study in the country's most prestigious programs: Berklee College of Music and the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

The name Funka-nima is a portmanteau of the group's main drive -the Funk- and the Portuguese word "anima," which means, "it livens up." The combination gives the mission and purpose of the band: Livening up the Funk! The band's tight grooves and kinetic stage presence are kept close company by a growing following as more and more people experience the thrill of the music.

"One of the most appealing young bands around," - Rick Foster, Grassroots Jazz


Studio Tracks:
-Looking into Outer Space
-Don't Drop the Beat
-The Final Line
-Blind Creation (feat. Gracie Jackson)
-The Funka-nima Theme Song
-The Stereo Monster
-Pop Goes the Funk
-Reversing Delay

Live Cuts:
-The Stereo Monster
-Reggae Toast

Radio Spots:
-Don't Drop the Funk

The band's latest CD, "Don't Drop the Beat," will be available this winter.

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Set List

-Band repertoire of original music
-Standard show of two sets, one hour apiece
-Content tailored to venue