New York City, New York, USA

This bands sound has remnants of a punk age, hard rock with a little twist of hip hop, soul, funk, and ska. The ultimate fuse, total groove rock. Many have referred to as Soul Core. They sound like a cross between Foo Fighters/ Bad Brains/ and Funkadelic.


FunkFace was born from the infamous NYC underground rock scene- the same incubator that spawned the likes of Strokes, Living Colour and Bad Brains. Friends since high school the intrepid original 5 members of FunkFace have been destroying Stages for years.
World citizen and Psychotropic frontman Luqman met certifiable ska rhythm guitar player Jeff E Lube in high school where they shared there love of furious gutars, histrionics and loose women. Joined by Jeffs brother Franky Beans (bass player for such noteable acts as Murphy's Law and ska unit, Beat Brigade), Drummer Vernon Lemon and genre-bending lead guitarist Tim Hollywood Grove (Sound of the Blue Heart, Sovory, & Money Mark). FunkFace started paying dues by blazing the hottest clubs up and down the eastern seaboard. GBGB's, Limlight(NYC), Baby Head (RI), 8x10(DC), Cats Cradle(NC) and the Paradise (Boston) were just a few of the venues left in there wake.
Once Ramsey Jones, older brother of the late Old Dirty Bastard (Wutang Clan), stepped behind the drum kit to abuse the skins, the band found its current core. There first collection "Soul Sauce", was released on Triborough Entertainment to critical acclam. Now also accompanied by vocalist/guitarist/gymnast extraordinaire Jerome Jordan, the group not only perserveres it perpetuates, enacting wild stage shows and costumes so entertaining that the ever changing crowds of the NYC rock scene take evergrowing interest.
These New York rowdies are now enjoying worldwide critical acclaim. Always pushing foward, they've done commercials for Nickelodeon, written music for the off- broadway show Taking Steps 313 and beefed up the soundtrack for the visually-arresting snowboard saga Homless 2: Gip Sity created by FreshFX (from Austria released Christmas 2006. They also appear in the documentry Afro Punk ( as one of the leaders in the black rock scene which is currently dominant in the New York rock culture. FunkFace has just ended there 1st tour of the year with DIA Entertainment artist, the legendary HR of Bad Brains fame.
Lead Singer Luqman (aka Mc Whistler) has recorded electro /dub/ hip hop/ & drum and bass laced tracks with Vienna Scientists records indie (Universal Germany) artist Stefan Obermaier ( . As well as the ground shaking grim track "Dirty New York" recorded with internationaly famous DJ Knifehandchop on Tigerbeat 6 records (
FunkFace's new CD "your Politics Suck"( Buddha Bug Records) features the smash hit "Zoo York City" one of the few songs chosen to serenade players of the latest Tony Hawk Project 8 video game (Activison) out now. It promises to launch these cavalier cads even further- right in to your living room. See and be indoctrinated.
Being the entrepreneur's that we are BUDDHABUG RECORDS is the bands own label DYI (Do It Yourself), along with FunkFace Desgin Company (clothing company) check us out at


Zoo York City

Written By: Luqman Brown

I think the mayor's shitty this streets is broke down it aint pretty.
In Zoo York City
You cant just rest your head 5/0 will make you dead
In zoo York City
Manhattan aint no oasis its a target for hatered
In Zoo York City
You think you got the biggest britches the girls here kiss and tell
I dont wanna stop take it to the top aint gonna go to bed with no price on my head, I dont wanna stop take to the top going all the way gonna get the brass ring. From Chinatown to Harlem way, Brooklyn Bronx and Queens dont play.
You acting all frustrated you popin shit you will get knocked
In Zoo York City
You stop and shopin up at Fava Im copin nicks at the bodega.
In Zoo York City
You made it all gentrifide the walls fell and you hide
In Zoo York City
This aint no punk ass operation its hard core skate libaration.
I dont wanna stop take it to the top aint gonna go to bed with no price on my head. I dont wanna stop take it to the top going all the way gonna get the brass ring from chinatown to Harlem way, Brooklyn, Bronx's and Queens dont play.


Our Time LP (MBT Records)
1. Oh Yea
2. Stinky Chin
3. The Mack
4. Mushroom Face

1.What It Is
6.Down in the Bayou
7.Spread Ya Butters
8.Doggy Style
9.Mother Earth
10.Blood of the Sistren
11.United Soul

1.40 Acres
3.Feel the Vibe
4.Goodlife/ Outro

Your Politics Suck LP ( BUDDHABUG RECORDS)
1.Zoo York City
4.Broken Toys
6.Somethings Going on
7.All or Nothing
8.You and I

"Zoo York City" single from Your Politics Suck currently on Tony Hawk Project 8 Video game from Activison.

Set List

We are a versatile band we play the standard 30 min sets of hard rock. But depending on the audience and the situation we can play for 2 hours. The normal set will include songs from current albums weve relesed. Though the bands lengthy time together affords us the abilty to play cover's from 80 to now. Punk, rock, funk, soul, disco and blends of all will spill into the set from time to time. The current set has song from the album Your Politics Suck and Soul Sauce.