Sonido Urbano & la Funk Familia

Sonido Urbano & la Funk Familia


SUFF is a Electro Latin funk band with traditional percution grooves from latin america with the urban neo-soul feel and dace beats. Mixed with a semi-political message because it is a dance band so some lyrics are just party vocal hooks, some other are really social and political.


The band was formed in 2004. Steven, Nicolas, and Daniel where students from the Berklee College of music bin-school in Ecuador that is set in Cumbaya, Quito Ecuador. There after of years in stage with different artist, and mostly doing jazz, pop and cumbia gigs the 3 members used their 3 different language to comunicate the new urban sound of Latin america. Nicolas and Steven that where on the underground Hip Hop scene of Ecuador and Daniel that was on the Pop/Rock and Electronic scene. After a some gigs and recording some singles independently at their home studios started touring the local clubs where they recieved very good atention, soon a fan base was created and with the help of DJ Lenni and Hermano del Espacio they where able to go to Buenos Aires Argentina to play for the People there. The recieve that the band had was amaizing many people from Ecuador and Argentina showed up to the 8 shows that the Band did at "The Minimal Galpon" in Palermo Buenos Aires. Then Returning to Ecuador did the last local gigs of 2006 doing their faborite and 3 in a row sold out new year concert firt at the Soul Bar and last year in the Aguijon.
SUFF is going to meet up soon this year to discuss the recording of their independent work.


Mas cerca del sol mix

Written By: Steven Dagenais

Lamo tu sex
el fuego enciendo el ritmo
es la ruta de la fruta nena
lo que te va a hacer mover
escucha el estallido
y comienza a navegar sobre tu destino

en mi habitacion
el cosmos de dorado vez
y probarlo te da temor
sientes ya la llama
y el incendio vez
voy a demostrartelo
si te acercas mas al sol

mas cerca del sol

somos navegantes del disco
Fuckin elegantes
en el desnudismo
sabor a primavera de una noche en entera en el olimpo
cada vez mas cerca

y en mi habitacion.....

mas cerca del sol

prepara la frutilla
recuestate a ver el sol
suda si sientes el calor
y embarcate en mi nave rumbo al cielo
remoja la frutilla
floreces al ver el sol
grita si sientes el temblor
y embarcate en mi nave rumbo al cielo


none Cd

Mas Cerca del Sol
Pink Pussy Party
Porno Bola Disco Funk
Nuevo mov urbano

Set List

The Set list varies depending on the Time and Place of the Venue

A tipicall SUFF midnight show will be

2.-El Funk llego
6.-Pink Pussy Party
7.- Galactica
8- Mas cerca del sol
9.-Porno Bola disco funk